Lottie Dream Weaver Nail Polish – Swatch & Review

Amongst the selection of vibrant and neon shades of the new Lottie stand I spotted in Superdrug, this was one of the nail polishes which caught my eye. Looking at the name it made me giggle too, as I spend about half my day using Adobe Dreamweaver, I decided that I was destined to take home Lottie’s Dream Weaver with me – and was the first that I was excited to try out when I got home.


It’s a difficult decision to decide just exactly what shade Lottie Dream Weaver is, it transitions a lot in some lights it looks blue, in some it look’s grey – but mostly I think it sits somewhere in between in a not quite raining British sky shade. Making it a pretty, but not completely obvious choice of spring pastel.




This polish went nice and opaque in 2 coats, and the brush is the perfect width for me, not too thick that it’s difficult to control or push into little gaps, but not too thin that it causes streaks and takes forever to get an even application. This dries relatively quickly, and within 10 minutes I was ready to add a topcoat. The finish of the polish is quite glossy by itself, but here it’s been pictured with a topcoat of my trusty Seche Vite, because I knew I was about to have a long and hell-ish week at work filled with late nights, and for one week only, wanted to paint my nails as little as possible.

It didn’t let me down because as I write it’s been on for 5 days – there’s a few small chips but I could probably go another day before it starts to annoy me. The hellish week is now over, which means I can take it off and try one of the other shades I picked up next!

I love the sweet girlie font on the packaging paired with the modern lid, it makes the brand stand out as something very different in the store and at 12mls the chunky square bottles are generously sized for £5.99. Whilst this is the first of 3 that I’ve tried, I can see this brand becoming a new favourite, and I would throughly recommend skipping to your closest Superdrug and seeing if you can find anything that tickles your fancy, as I’m well and truly impressed so far. If your local Superdrug doesn’t stock they’re stocked online with them, and at ASOS too!

Have you tried anything from the Lottie Line?


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