When Brands Do Customer Care Right…

In the past month, I’ve had a bad experience with a particular nail varnish brand which has come through reviews I’ve made on my blog which according to them I was in need of tips, not that their nail varnish was bad – which was worded quite rudely (more on that to come over the coming weeks), I don’t want to dwell on it on this post, but it has left a bitter taste in my mouth about the brand. So on Thursday when this little package arrived from My Little Beauty/My Little Box – it just went to show how customer care can be done exactly right!

I’ve spoken about this mascara plenty since I received it in November’s My Little Box, it quickly became my favourite, and I found it to be cheaper than my previous holy grail Lancome Hypnose Drama. It featured in my first ever favourites and last month’s empties, where I said that I’d sadly had to admit the mascara was empty but I would repurchase when I’d finished the last tube of Lancome I had in my stash. And since I’ve finished it and gone back to my Lancome, I’ve discovered that no – My Little Beauty wasn’t just cheap – it was actually better too, and I’ve missed having it.

I saw a post on their facebook page on Tuesday, where someone had commented about this mascara, and that they didn’t deliver to the UK – It wasn’t until this point that I realised they didn’t deliver. I joined the conversation and suggested could they send products in the same box as the beauty box, could we swap some of the beauty products in a box for this mascara etc. My Little Beauty commented back saying that sorry they couldn’t they’d note back that we liked the mascara, but it wasn’t possible at this time, but hopefully it would be soon.


So when this little package arrived on Thursday, I was blown away from the loveliness of My Little Beauty who sent across the elusive mascara – and a handwritten note saying that they hoped this would keep my lashes going. Baring in mind that I was commenting from my personal account, which has no mention of my blog anywhere, I was taken a back by the little touch of kindness that they had made to someone personally – not for a bit of good PR because they know I have a blog.

I’ve always liked My Little Beauty/My Little Box – but now, I’m even happier from the extra service they’ve given me. (Check out all my past My Little Box Reviews Here)

It’s nice to have a company trying to keep their customers happy! Have you had anything nice from other companies?


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