A England Princess Sabra Review And Swatch

A England is a brand which is relatively new to me, but I’ve been admiring from a far, every polish I’ve seen that I’ve been desperate to try has turned out to be out of stock when I’ve gone to search for it.

So naturally when I saw this on the polish alcoholics blog sale I swiped it up as part of my order… More on those to follow!

Firstly I love the name of this Polish, the A England logo is very traditionally themed, so Princess Sabra being the name of the Princess rescued by St George (I Think!) seems appropriate.



This is a great autumn winter shade with its dull olive gold tone. Interestingly several reviews I read of this to see others thoughts noted how holographic it was, but in comparison to others in my collection, this one is fairly subtle due to it’s non linear shine, which gives it more of a glitter style shine than a true holographic foil hue.

So subtle that I actually couldn’t manage to capture it on camera, until I was halfway through taking my nail polish off, when in the light of my bathroom I noticed for the first time it was actually noticeable!



This was a dream to apply, gliding on with ease, and not having to put any work in at all. This left a smooth finish, but not glossy – a quality which I’ve noted with every holographic polish I own. Pictured here through out with a layer of trusty Seche Vite.


This polish is simply stunning, not too over the top for a holographic, and in a colour that’s out of the norm for the high street. I want to dip my toe further into the world of A England, so please if you have any recommendations let me know.


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