Helpless Diaries – Wedding Planning #5 – 6 Months To Go

I can’t quite believe that I’m writing this – it’s 6 months to go until we say I do. There doesn’t feel like there’s been much progress over the past couple of months, although that’s not been for lack of trying! I’m using this Planning post as more of a list of the things I still need to tackle.

Wedding Shoes

I’m sighing over this one, after looking for wedding shoes for hours and hours, I fell in love with the idea of buying a pair of Jimmy Choos after searching high and low and after my dress was under half my budget in the end it seemed like a little luxury that could be warranted, provided they weren’t so bridal I was clearly never going to wear again.

We headed to Bicester Village where there’s a Jimmy Choo outlet, where I was a little disappointed by the selection, I knew this might have been a problem so I went expecting that I wouldn’t see any there. However, I was wanting to try some on, get an idea of fit so if I saw any in the January Sales or places like secret sales I could order a pair online, knowing confidently that they should fit. Sadly, my size 8 feet (EU 41/US 10) just didn’t fit in the pairs I tried, and not even oh it’s a little tight and I can break them in after a couple of hours in the house, it was more like the ugly sister in Cinderella who bends her whole foot into an arch to get it in. So not only have I had to admit that I can’t say I do in Choo, but I’ll also never be able to own a pair – unless they start making 9s.

The weeks before going I’d hunted and hunted for a shoe thinking it’s party season now – it’ll be easy to find something and I found nothing that I liked. I revisited ASOS for the millionth time after scouring the site for approximate 43048 hours, and finally the sparkly shoes were in and I found a pair I loved the look of.


These are called the Heaven Sent Heel and are made by ASOS themselves, and were a mere £45. I’m not 100% sure if these are going to be the ones, I really like them, they’re the perfect height as they’re not too high – Ben is only an inch or so taller than me and I don’t want to be towering over him, they’re rose gold, they have a cushioned sole bottom, and I like that they have a chunky heel as they’ll be more comfortable for all day wear – but at the moment the foot feels a bit tight and stiff around the toe so I’m attempting to stretch them out but I’ll definitely wear them at some point if they don’t stretch out enough – but I’m hoping these will be the pair. They also really remind me of the Kate Spade Charm heels – which I had looked at but don’t go up to an 8.


So I’ve gone from £450 shoes to £45 shoes. And I like the ones I’ve bought way more than any other the others I saw in Jimmy Choo, go figure. I’m on the hunt for a pair of flats for the night just in case they do get a bit much, I’m considering a pair of custom vans with the design I made for the save the dates on!

Wedding Jewellery

Something else that I looked for whilst at Bicester, as I’d seen a set of Swarovski I loved the look of – but everything in Bicester shop was like the high fashion pieces, which I loved but wasn’t what I was looking for – it’s since disappeared since I spotted it online.

I started having a look around online and found a brand who I tweeted about that I was struggling to pick from their beautiful selection. They reached out and offered me a kindly offered a discount code so I’ve ordered some pieces – they’ve just been ordered so have yet to arrive, but I’m excited to show you in my next update.



This has been something I’ve kept pushing back doing – it was always going to be a “winter project” but I do actually need to get on with it now. I don’t think it should actually take that long as I’ve already done the save the dates which have already gone (above!), but it’s actually just thinking about what I need to write – am I gonna bother with RSVP cards. Etc etc. I’m going to make a start on these and attempt to get them out early in the new year.

Bridesmaid dresses

One thing that was starting to cause me some concern was that we hadn’t even started looking for bridesmaid dresses yet. I revisited the shop where I bought my wedding dress with my sister and sister in law and looked at their brand Dessy. What I really liked about Dessy is that they have hundreds of styles of dresses and they have the same fabrics in most, I wasn’t too bothered about the style dress they chose, I just wanted them to feel confident and happy – or colour as long as it fitted with the teal and purple colour scheme and they decided between them. They both decided on purple and we then had to choose between the 8 different shades of purple, we ended up on African violet which we thought would be perfect for June. That then gave them the luxury of picking what ever dress they liked each, the decision was way harder than picking my own dress. There were so many lovely styles that suited them both, and after having full permission to decide on different style of dresses they ended up picking the same one! One of the ones below is the dress they chose but I’m not telling which one as I know some family/friends will read this and I want it to stay a surprise, but here are some Dessy dresses in the shade African Violet.


Wedding Favours

We’re doing some home made (ish) wedding favours and have a few ideas down for what we could do. December is going to be all about creating a few testers before we decide what we’re going to do officially! I’m actually hoping to make a start on this tomorrow, I have all the bits to get started – just haven’t had time yet!



Not technically part of the wedding planning but we do need to decide what we’re going to do, or atleast get closer to a decision than we are now. We may not go straight away and may wait until September time, we’ll see – but we’re off to see a travel agent for a chat on the 14th in Nottingham. Current working idea is Hong Kong for 3/4 days followed by a 7/10 days into the Philippines. If you’ve travelled to either would love your thoughts/advice!


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  1. December 3, 2016 / 7:51 am

    You’re getting married on my anniversary!! That would be my dream date to get married (so tom only had to remember one date) oh god I love romance! This all sounds so exciting xx

  2. butterfliesnbowties
    December 4, 2016 / 2:23 am

    That is so exciting! I can’t wait to be doing my own wedding planning!!!!

  3. December 4, 2016 / 11:33 pm

    Those rose gold shoes are beautiful!! I hope they work out well for you. Don’t feel bad about your feet…I wear a size 11 US. lol!

  4. April 14, 2017 / 8:06 pm

    I loved the shoes you picked out! It’s so frustrating that more designer brands don’t make size 8.5 to 9’s Xo

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