Face Mask Friday Revisited – 7th Heaven Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask

Face Mask Friday Revisited – 7th Heaven Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask

It’s time for my second time revisiting a face mask in this series and this one came on very early on in my reviews – it was number 4 in the series and as with my last revisit to Glamglow my wishes for what I expect masks to do have changed dramatically from when I first started these. My next new mask in this series will be number 60 and I don’t know why but I feel like every milestone of 10 that I hit the mask should be something special or unusual. So I decided to go through my box and found one that hasn’t been tried for years – the 7th Heaven Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask.

This was mask that I was given at an event last year and I was really excited when I reviewed it over three years ago it left me semi-impressed – so 55+ masks later I was intrigued as to whether it would have changed my thoughts and feelings at all. I also haven’t reviewed a mask from in this series for ages… the last one was #10 in the series, so I’m long overdue a review on the budget friendly mask range.

My skin over the past few months have changed a lot, I’m no where near as oily as I used to be – with still some oily patches. At the moment I’m trying to battle my way through some scarring that I want to fade, but other than the odd tiny pimple I haven’t had a Mount Vesuvius sized eruption in months (I’m chanting “Don’t Curse It” in my head as I type!). I do have the odd oily patch mainly my forehead – but my biggest area I’m trying to tackle is the clogged pores and small blackheads on my chin – mine aren’t particularly bad, but I was hoping this mask would help peel them out and the fact it was for combo skin would help balance out the small amount of oiliness at the same time.

The first thing when I noticed when I opened this up was…. well where is the mask – I don’t know if I got an unluckily small amount, or they’ve changed how much you get but it wasn’t quite enough to go around my face. I ended up having to slice the whole back of the mask to be able to find the mask! Secondly the mask looked very separated – there was a see through charcoal area and separated off black pigment and I had to messily mix it back up with my fingers, not made easy because the mask was so messy – I didn’t have my camera on me at the time and it had the potential to create a right old mess if I abandoned it before getting it on my face!

As I applied it it went on kind of easily, but I could see that it was starting to separate slightly as it sat on my skin. The mask felt very sticky and I had to be really careful to not let anything get onto my face, even the slightest hair had the potential of getting coated in product. It took around 15-20 minutes for it to set… mostly – the area right on the apples of my cheeks is always a struggle to get to solidify with masks like this and I waited for at least 40 minutes before I gave up waiting for this to set. I managed to peel it off in one peel which left a patch on each cheek where it hadn’t properly set, which was easily rolled off.

I could tell as I was peeling it away there was no chance of it grabbing any clogged pore gunk along with it – and I was right once I’d inspected it there was no evidence of anything stuck to it. So that was disappointing right off the bat.

In term of any other effects I also didn’t really see any change both immediately and in the day after. Masks now I expect to see some kind of immediate to short term results, but this mask just felt like an inconvenient waste of my time,  For me this time round it wasn’t moisturising, oil balancing, or cleansing – at the end of it my skin didn’t really even feel that fresh.




At 99p the 7th Heaven Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask is a budget friendly option and won’t break the bank, but i have tried much better from them too. If you’re interested in reading my original review then you can do so here!

Have you tried this mask from Montagne Juenesse? or have any favourites found from that line?

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