Face Mask Friday #66 – Glamglow Gravity Mud

Glamglow Gravity Mud Review

What better way to celebrate turning the grand age of 29 by starting my paranoid about turning 30 year, with an anti-ageing mask from Glamglow. The Christmas of 2017 I purchased a multi-pack of Glamglow masks and this has been the last from that list to try – today it’s the Glamglow Gravity Mud up.

I find Glamglow mask’s quite hit and miss, there are ones which really really work for me such as Thirstymud, and there are ones which I find way too harsh on my skin such as Supermud.

I wanted to like Gravitymud – it’s packaging is a bright purple which brings me cheer. I do also like a tightening face mask once in a while, so I was interested to see whether Glamglow’s price point would bring something better to the party.

I’ll start by saying I think this mask is much better suites to being in a tube than a pot, the Glamglow full sizes come in metal pots and I think this mask would be incredibly difficult to apply if it couldn’t just be squeezed out. It has a thin formula that feels sticky to the touch, scooping with fingers out of a pot I imagine would be incredibly messy.

I was’t sure what to expect texture wise, but I was expecting something more clay like due to the ‘mud in the name’ this is more sticky hair gel than resembling anything like mud. The mask is a pearly colour which when applied on the face turns a more silvery pearl that makes you look like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz.

Glamglow Gravity Mud applied
Help Me, I turned into the tin man when I turned 29.

I’ve found that applying a relatively thick layer is the way to get the best results. This mask sets as it dries to a rubbery feeling peel off mask and I find that the skin feels most tightening whilst it’s on the skin, whilst I can feel it slightly with a thin layer, I find a thicker layer aids helps it create a more solid layer which tightens the skin beneath.

The mask peels off with relative ease, I find it peels off in chunks after 20 minutes, but it peels off whole if given a full 30 minutes to fully set and dry out. The mask has a nice scent when applied, it’s quite light but has a sweet fruity fragrance that I don’t find irritating.

Sadly, that’s where the good news for me pretty much ends. This reminds me of masks which are much, much cheaper – for me this could be any cheap peel off mask that can be picked up from 99p. To the touch and to look at my skin feels and looks no different to how I started. I feel very slightly like my skin may feel like there’s some slight tightening – but no more so than what any peel off mask also creates.

Those 99p masks have their place for me and are nice for a fun pick me up with limited skincare benefits, but if I’m purchasing a full size pot of this at £42, I’d expect a lot more than this gave. Even the smaller size (which this tube equates to at 15g) retails for £16 and I suspect I will get one more use out of this, which will mean I get 4 uses and that equates to £4 per use!

I don’t hate Glamglow Gravity Mud, it gives a bit of fun, but I think there a similar alternatives out there that offer the same kind of effect for a fraction of the price. Whilst it’s not a total dud performance wise, it’s not worth it’s price-tag for me – maybe if I was a bit older my skin might see more noticeable tightening effects, but I doubt it would be enough to warrant it’s price.

If you are interested in other Glamglow mask reviews you can find mine here.

Have you tried Glamglow Gravity Mud before or found an amazing tightening mask that does the job?


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  1. February 1, 2019 / 10:42 pm

    I keep wanting to give masks a try but I’m so impatient with waiting for them to do their magic. Even worse when you get lackluster results after all the waiting.
    Thanks for the review. I don’t think glamglow will be the one to get me into the mask craze 🙂

  2. February 11, 2019 / 5:32 am

    Thanks for sharing!

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