The Body Shop Blue Corn Face Mask – Face Mask Friday #15

It’s not very often that I try skincare products and feel the need to resist putting up a rave review of something straight away, but that’s exactly what happened when I bought, and tried The Body Shop Blue Corn Face Mask last Saturday.


The Body Shop Blue Corn mask retails at £11, but if like me you can get yourself to an outlet I managed to pick this up for just £6.60. At the moment my skin’s main problem has been the odd breakout, but they have been few and far between – but most dominate is blackheads all over my nose and chin. Claiming to be a 3 in 1 Deep Purifying Scrub mask I was drawn to this to try and see if it could tackle my skin problem that I’ve never been able to shift.


The 3 properties are that it deep cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises. My first application of this was fantastic, I applied it all over and left it on for about an hour whilst I was doing some photographing – whilst only 10 minutes is needed . Similar to a clay type mask it begins to dry on the face, and after I washed it off I noticed straight away that the blackheads were 75% gone. Whilst personally my skin didn’t feel moisturised, my skin felt very smooth.


On Sunday I reapplied it – but only to my nose and chin to see if I could shift that last lot of blackheads away and they have virtually now all gone. The scrub in this is quite soft – the corn texture in it is dense enough to scrub properly and leave the skin feeling soft, but not hard or harsh so that the skin isn’t left sore or red.


My makeup has applied better than it ever has before, my foundation all week. I can see The Body Shop Blue Corn Face Mask being something that I keep turning to on a weekly basis to keep blackheads at bay. I can see this tub giving about 10 applications – it’s quite thick and you need to apply a thick layer of it too otherwise it will dry and shrivle too much, so even at £11 it offers really good value for money. I’ve given a sample of this to a friend who also suffers with blackheads and I’ll update this post if her results were any different to mine.

Have you tried any of the Body Shop Masks? Let me know any others you think I should try, I do have my eyes on the Vitamin E Mask which I may well pick up next time!

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  1. March 25, 2016 / 11:01 am

    Oh I love this mask! And it lasts for ages so good value for money xx

  2. twolittleowlsblog
    March 25, 2016 / 8:21 pm

    I have this and it’s amazing isn’t it?! The woman in the shop told me to apply it with an old foundation brush? That way you get an even application and it lasts longer! X

  3. March 26, 2016 / 12:08 am

    Amazing that you got results so quickly with this! I haven’t tried a mask from Body Shop in ages! I remember using their warming clay mask years ago – I loved the novelty of the self warming mask. I was so surprised to discover that they still sell that mask. I’m curious about this one now.

  4. March 27, 2016 / 5:10 am

    love a good mask/scrub, I will definitely be giving this a try 🙂 thanks!

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