Daring Nails with Sinful Colors Daredevil – Swatch and Review

Sinful Colors Daredevil
I discovered Sinful Colors a few years ago in my local CCO back then there sinful colors couldn’t really be got hold of in the UK – and sometimes I spied it in a few nail salons. After about 3-4 months they disappeared from the CCO and was replaced by a different brand.
I had picked up a couple of polishes in that time, and there was one in particular called ‘Cream Pink’ a hot bright neon pink which I loved, and used to the death of it, and was really disappointed as I couldn’t repurchase! So when about a year ago I heard that Sinful Colors was making an accessible comeback in boots I was super happy!
I picked up 3 polishes whilst on 3 for 2, thinking I’d picked up my old favourite Cream Pink – I was so happy, when I got home I realised this wasn’t the cream pink I had been dreaming about getting back into my life, but instead a shade called Daredevil which was in the wrong place on the stand.
The polishes are very similar in shade, however Daredevil has an ever so slightly subtle bluey frost to it, not normally the type of finish I go for, but dare I say it – I think I actually prefer it over the other. The weather is very dreary here in the UK in March – and this has definitely injected a bit of brightness into my day, I think having spotted this one the other day it will be on and off my nails a lot during the spring and summer and definitely helps brighten up an outfit too.
Sinful Colors Daredevil with 1 Coat of Seche Vite
Swatches here shown with 1 coat of Seche Vite, I think this polish would also be interesting with a matte topcoat. In terms of lasting power, I’ve never found Sinful colours to be the best, however for £1.99 – I’ve defiantly had more expensive polish brands chipping a lot quicker – at 4 days in I have a few small chips, and one larger but for the most part, with a topcoat this still holds up well – and for the price is very impressive.
The Sinful Colors range is £1.99 in Boots and is a great affordable brand I definitely recommend checking out if you haven’t already. There is lots of fun bright shades and glitters to choose from, Next time I’m walking past – I may sneakily grab Cream Pink to compare side by side and see which I really do prefer!
Have you got any favourites from Sinful Colors you’d recommend checking out?



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