Nailberry Strawberry Jam – Review & Swatch

   Another Nailberry polish acquired through Love Me Beauty this time in the February box – I’ve had one good polish through them (Raspberry) and one not so good (Groiseille) so I was intrigued to see which way this one swang.

Nailberry Strawberry Jam is a classic mid red with a very slight hint of pinky undertones (I personally think the colour of this is more Raspberry than their Raspberry). You’ll see over this post that the colour does vary quite a bit depending on what light you’re in and can appear more pinky in some lights and deeper in others. Similarly to Raspberry, this was opaque in one coat, although I did even out to try and try and get a glossier finish with a second coat to finish.


I was wary of this polish as I found that Groiseille had problems with drying – never quite fully drying so left with imprints from fabrics, and unfortunately this polish suffered with the same fate. I waited half an hour between coats one and two, and another hour before going to bed – doing nothing in between but watch TV and be on the iPad.

Swatch shows the knocks from never drying

With a coat of seche vite, this brings back the nice finish that I would of expected in the first place, the knocks in this weren’t bad enough to leave totally ruining the manicure, but just a terrible finish.


Overall I feel just a bit disappointed with the brand, for the price of these polishes (£14.50 each) – I definitely expect that I wouldn’t have problems waiting for the polish to dry, and then do have to use a topcoat to get a nice finish back again. Using this range I do really feel like I am ‘helpless whilst drying’ as the time it takes to wait for them to dry… actually I have no idea how long it takes, clearly it’s longer than 90 minutes.


I don’t think that unfortunately I will be venturing into the line further, which is a shame as I was excited to try the line and wanted to love the line as it’s 4 free and cruelty free. I said in my first review of these of Raspberry (which I liked), that why  weren’t all polishes 4 free – but with this one I can understand that if this is the problem that they have – what’s the point? I still can’t get used to the ridiculously long brush either, I do find it awkward to use and end up having to clean up around my nails, despite being pretty good usually at being precise.

Have you tried Nailberry line? What did you think?


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