L'oreal Graffiti L'amour – Swatches & Review

When the original black and white version of this polish came out last year, it made big waves with bloggers and I loved it too making it look like you’d gone to a huge effort, when really it was almost the opposite. So when I spotted in boots a new shade line up in the same style I had to get one. Out of the colours I knew this one was the best for me!
I love that this one has a contrast of pink and red, with small amounts of white which I didn’t realise we’re there until on the nail! In the shop I thought, this is only really going to be my style over a white polish, a pink and it would edge to being a bit too girly girly and it may be difficult to find.
So when I got home from work I practically ran upstairs to remove my other polish I was wearing and find a white as a base coat. Trouble is I have no idea where my last bottle of white has gone 🙁 I had loads that I was working my way though. I wish I had known as everything is 3 for 2 in boots and would have picked one up!
So disappointedly I settled on china glaze pelican grey after much deliberation. And was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out…
This a cute manicure without being too girly with the colours together, and with the horrible weather were currently have at the moment feels very fitting. I still think it would look great over a white, especially in the summer months, and would look nice over a pink too if you’re more girly than I am!
The application was decent, it got mostly even coverage through but note the finger next to my thumb where there’s a big patch missing. I found the more you tried the worse it became. I found the best way was to make sure the last coat is dry and then dab with the end rather stoke over again as it just kept clinging to other patches of glitter.
On second thoughts I may be temped to buy some of the other colours, I’ve had lots of compliments and from a distance it almost looks like you’ve used a dotting tool! Have you tried these, if so over what colours?



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