Is Fenty Flyliner Worth the Hype?

Is Fenty Flyliner Worth the Hype?

When Fenty first bashed their way into the beauty scene all I was interested in were their base products. Their other products have been overlooked by me but after I’d heard several friends rave about the Fenty Flyliner I decided it was going to be on my hitlist to try, and treated myself to it as part of a “congratulations on leaving your toxic job” haul back in September. So, Is Fenty Flyliner worth the hype?

I don’t know that I cracked it open immediately, but I have had this on the go since at least October time. One area I don’t tend to mind spending a bit more on is liquid liners, most last forever and if you find one with a good nib that makes it quicker and easier to apply liner – then it’s worth the extra cash in my opinion. Favourites in the past have included Stila Stay all Day and Illamasqua Precision Ink.

Firstly the packaging of Fenty’s Flyliner is stunning for something so small. It comes in a slimline cardboard box which matches in with her “core line” of products with a slight graffiti effect in blacks and nude tones. The liquid liner itself is in a chrome effect pen with a slight champagne/rose gold like hue – this colour isn’t a usual colour for. I really like that this pen is like a rounded triangle, it means it doesn’t roll across my vanity, but also it’s quite nice and easy to hold. I was hoping to see that when Fenty launched a mascara it would mimic the packaging of this, but they went for a classic rounded tube in black and pink.

The nib itself is nice taper going to a really skinny point – it is the right mix between having flexibility and the right amount of firmness. I have a dislike for ones that lean too much either way – and this one felt like the perfect level of both. When I first swatched this on my hand I noticed some slight bleeding into my skin texture, but not feeling too nervous as I’d noticed this on previous favourites I had high hopes.

One of my friends said that this liner makes applying winged liner the easiest and I do have to agree. I’ve never been great at winged liner and for the past few years have cheated my way to a winged liner using Primark’s shadow shields. I now only ever use those when I want a really crisp edge on my shadow but most of the time now I’m more of a fan of a blurred out edge that skips out past my liner slightly. I’ve very rarely messed my liner up using the Fenty Flyliner and enjoy the finish that it has of dark matte black.

When it comes to applying on top of shadows I do sometimes find that the liner and eyeshadow don’t always pair perfectly together – when shadows are more glittery or more powdering I find this sinks in a little and it becomes more of a muted black tone and I have to go over 2-3 times. I’ve found in the past this is is the same with these kind of liquid liner pens, where ones which are more of a dip pot tend to have better pigmentation. It’s a shame this one isn’t an exception, but it isn’t a deal breaker for me.

I did think initially that I might have been allergic to this eye liner as every time I wore it my eyes were streaming so I’ve wanted to make sure over the past few months that wasn’t the case. It definitely doesn’t seem to have been this liner and was probably a mascara or eye primer that that was on the turn! On that note when my eyes do water I have noticed that it doesn’t stay in place perfectly and it tends to wear away a little in the corner of my eye. On the average day I’d describe this as semi stubborn – when I use a cleansing balm to remove my makeup my eyeshadow and mascara break down fairly easily but I find myself needing to rub over my wings. several times to break it down.

Examples of Fenty Flyliner on the eyes

Liner : Fenty Flyliner Mascara : Revolution The Mascara Eyeshadow : Pat McGrath Sublime
Liner : Fenty Flyliner Mascara : Revolution The Mascara Eyeshadow : Huda Topaz Obsessions
Liner : Fenty Flyliner Mascara : Revolution The Mascara Eyeshadow : Violet Voss Berry Burst
Liner : Fenty Flyliner Mascara : Revolution The Mascara Eyeshadow : Ace Beaute Oceanic

So Is Fenty Flyliner Worth the Hype?

Yes. I’ve really enjoyed using this and it’s shown no signs of drying out over the past few months at all. I love the nib on this but the formula isn’t as good as my ultimate favourite from Illasmasqua which is apocalypse proof, if I could combine the two it would be my ultimate favourite. However as I can’t I’d probably pick this one – the nib is so quick and effortless to use I can do my liner in around a minute!

I think next time I come to purchase I will get the mini set which comes with the mini eye primer as I’ve wanted to trial that since it launched. If you don’t use liquid liner too often then I’d definitely consider getting this set as it’s the same as the full price liner.

I’d recommend picking Fenty up in Boots, you can find the full size flyliner here (£18) or the set with the eye primer here (£19.00).

Have you tried the Flyliner before?


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  1. February 6, 2020 / 6:20 pm

    This liner looks really nice. I don’t do wings, but this looks like it would make it easier!

    • rachael
      February 7, 2020 / 12:27 pm

      I used to say that I don’t suit wings but in fact I was rubbish and couldn’t work out the right angle for my eye shape! This does make things a lot easier – would recommend!

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