Weekly Recap #8

This week flew by, I didn’t get much down time last weekend and I think it just added. I’m hoping for a relaxing Sunday afternoon this week though so I can get blog planned out – I had to improvise on the post front quite a lot this week and see what I’d photographed and had prepared vs what I’d reviewed so far! This weekend is going to be another busy one up until lunch time on Sunday, and you can read about what we’ve been getting up to this week and catch up with the week’s posts below!

Monday – Spa Fit Scrub Body Shop Review (link)


Another scrub ticked off the list of review from the huge stash of the Body Shop Scrubs that amassed. 100% natural with fruit pulp and caffeine extracts.

Tuesday – W7 Shade & Switch Review (link)


This is a lazy girls dream tool and a best friend for shadow blenders.

Wednesday – MeruMaya Melting Cleansing Balm Review (link)


Vegan, Cruelty and Paraben free I’d been dying to try this cleansing balm out of my stash. But did it meet expectations?

Thursday – Milan Days 3 & 4 (link)


Part 2 of my Milan travel blog!

Friday – Look Incredible November 2016 (link)


Saturday – My Little Goodnight Box (link)


My Little Box smashed it this month after a dire box last month!

Weekend Catch Up

Last Saturday


Last weekend I went to a wedding in the evening on Saturday, and then we also drove to Leicester at midnight to meet with one of Ben’s groomsmen for a birthday celebration night out, it was actually a really good night and as people who are more social hermits than social butterflies it was nice to be a bit crazy for a change. I wore the outfit above, and really struggled to find something I liked that was cheap (budget isn’t big this month, you’ll see more about this in a second!) and I picked a skirt from New Look which is actually the same as the blue one I featured in my first OOTD, but in black – with a copper t-shirt that I actually found in Primark, which had nice cut out details around the collar.

I had so many compliments on the ‘dress’ and when I told people it was a top and skirt and cost me just over £30 all together people were surprised. Can see this getting more wear over the Christmas period. I paired with a rose gold clutch (which ended up looking more copper against the copper) from Dune which I’ve had for ages, and a black and crystal necklace from M&S which again has been in my collection for ages. I paired with my comfiest black suede wedges as I knew it was clearly gonna be a long night and I’m glad I did – at 3.30am when we got back to our hotel my feet were aching a little but not in full pain!

Last Sunday

We got up early 7.30am and left our hotel and drove down to Bicester Village (a designer shopping outlet), on the hunt for some wedding shoes for me, specifically from Jimmy Choo. Firstly whilst there were a few styles I liked, a lot were pointy which I didn’t want as I find them wildly uncomfortable. I tried a pair on which was an open toe rose gold glitter and they wouldn’t go on my foot (and it’s the biggest size they do), so sadly I had to admit that I not only can’t wear Jimmy Choos for my wedding day, but I’ll probably never be able to own a pair either. It was 4 hours of driving and Bicester Village in general was a big let down, I last went about 4 years ago and the only shop that had decent prices was Michael Kors and most of the stuff in there was made for outlet, you can score better deals on places like Secret Sales or Cocosa. I won’t be going back unless I happen to be in the area, I’m not driving 2 1/2 hours from home to go.

This Weekend

I’m writing this ahead of time as I don’t tend to catch up with blog stuff until a Sunday evening after a Friday, but I’m finally going bridesmaid dress shopping with my Bridesmaids. Fingers crossed we don’t have to go again to a different store – I’ll update you next week whether it was a success or not!

Ben’s also having all his groomsmen up, bar one who lives in Canada – for an initial suit fitting – plus his dad and my dad. We’re all having lunch in a country pub next door to the suit place, so everyone can meet who hasn’t met before. This is prior to our Bridemaid dress appointment so my sister and I are joining as her boyfriend is part of the Ben’s groomsmen too, then they’re staying with us overnight (Saturday/last night) for the weekend, we don’t get to see them as much as we’d like as they live 2 hours from us now, we’ve bought Cards Against Humanity and we’ll be playing it for the first time with them – to find out if it’s parent friendly for Christmas.

Makeup I’m Loving This Week


Manny MUA Makeup Geek Palette

It tried this for the first time for the wedding, and holy crap it’s good. First impressions is already on it’s way. There’s no a shade in this palette I don’t like and I’ve used it a ton already this week.

What I’ve Been Watching This Week

We set ourselves a challenge at the start of the year (or actually I did, Ben played no part in it), to watch 100 different movies in the year. I chose to inflict this on us as I feel like we watch the same films all the time – or at least Ben tries to make us. I don’t think we’re quite going to make it, we’re up to 75 films, I might do a recap at the end of the year. Ben’s been out of the house a lot after work and we had a busy weekend last week, and this – so I imagine we might only get chance to watch one Sunday evening! The only one we’ve watched this week was Mission Impossible Rogue Nation which we did watch at the cinema last year when it came out – good movie, I prefer the first of the newer Mission Impossible movies though.

Again Westworld is getting better and better. Each week I get more and more drawn into to the curiosity of what’s happening. Can’t wait to see what happens on the back of what happened this week.

Have you done anything exciting this week?


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  1. November 14, 2016 / 2:02 am

    That wedding outfit looks WAY more expensive than £30!
    I say wear something COMFY for footwear on your wedding day! Your dress will cover your feet mostly, anyway. The most comfortable heels I own are from Cole Haans. Hmm 100 films a year, I think that’s a lofty goal. I know that my SO has watched The Martian probably 30 times this year already… :EYEROLL: We watched a documentary this weekend, “Do Not Resist”, it was ok, not as compelling as we’d hoped it would be.

    • November 14, 2016 / 7:18 am

      I know right the top was only £6! Think it will look really nice paired with some high waisted jeans too, regretting not getting it in the other colours they had as well now!
      I think I may have found some shoes this weekend, I definitely do want to wear heels otherwise I don’t think I’ll feel dressy, but they won’t be really high as Ben is only an inch or so taller than me!
      100 films is about 2 films a week, sometimes we manage to watch 3/4 a week if we’re both home in the evenings and have a day at the weekends just mooching at home then we can blast through a lot, but then if we have a few busy weeks in a row it goes to pot. We managed to watch one more this weekend – Steve Jobs, it was good! Not heard of do not resist, what’s it about?
      See that’s a film I would have had to watch more than once by now, it’s good but I get fed up of watching the same films all the time!

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