September Empties: Mascaras & Eyeliners

I’ve been attempting to be really good this month, and trying to use up a lot of old products I’d been storing, in order to justify buying and trying new things. So here’s my first empties post, I personally love these, as you see what a person really thought of a product having used the whole thing. I’ve split this post into 2 – Mascaras and Eyeliners, followed by everything else (Mostly foundations and concealers!)

Makeup Revolution Volume Mascara

I did a purchase online with Makeup Revolution, I’d heard loads of great things about the line, so thought I would pick up this mascara too at £2 it wouldn’t be a big loss if it was terrible. Unfortunately it was terrible. It dried up really quickly, within 2 weeks, and just generally was never any good, start to finish, more of a natural look than volumising or lengthening, and didn’t find that it lasted a whole day either.

Repurchase? : No, Even if you’re on a tight budget there’s better products out there

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara

This is my favourite mascara, I’ve been through 3 or 4 of these in the past – this was in limited edition packaging too, even better. the mascara brush is S shaped, brissle brush rather than rubber, and is very good at curling the lashes. It’s good at lengthening, but even better at volumising. This is the mascara that everyone asks me either, what mascara I’m wearing, or whether I’m wearing false lashes. My manager at work told me I couldn’t wear this mascara in meetings anymore because she couldn’t stop staring at my eyelashes, a same day a more mature lady serving me at a petrol station said “she hates young girls with pretty eyelashes”, I’m choosing to take both of those things as a compliment. It’s not cheap at £22.50, but for me it’s worth the money.

Repurchase : Yes, already using it – and I got the last one in store with the limited edition packaging!

Bare Minerals Magic Wand Brushless Mascara

I bought this as thought it was an unusual concept, after seeing it in a store. Its not cheap, and to be honest I felt like I was paying for a novelty, and being cheated out of a brush. If you imagine the plastic bit of your wand continuing with a few small grooves embedded into it towards the tip, that’s all it is. It creates a bit of length, but no volume, the opposite of what I like as I have naturally long lashes, but overall is very natural looking. I worked with it as long as I could, but again felt like I didn’t get my monies worth, unlike with a normal mascara where you can scrape around the edge and get everything off, with no brush to pick up what’s stuck to the edges, I ended up sticking my emptied Lancome brush in there to get it out, which lasted me another 2 weeks – what a waste it would have been without doing that! I can’t remember exactly, but I think this was around the £15 mark.

Repurchase? : No way, a gimmick that isn’t justified in the price

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner

This came free with a magazine a few months ago (I think glamour), this is a skinny felt tipped eyeliner, which was good for getting a really thin line. I did like using this but again found it to be a product which dried up way too quickly. There’s not much else to say on that one! £12 to buy normally.

Repurchase? : Not for the price, pick it up with a magazine, yes.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Dare I say that I bought this over 5 years ago, I can’t remember when, but this was the most amazing mascara (apparently) you could buy at the time. and I don’t think I ever opened it. I think mascara technology must have moved on in the time that’s past. This was a bit sub-par really, a tiny brush, that was really difficult to work with, again more of a natural look, not really lengthening and defiantly not volumising. Now this was in a brown shade rather than black, and I think if you had dark brows, because of the diddy brush, this might make good brow product, don’t quote me on that I wouldn’t know!

Repurchase? : No, There are better mascaras out there for the same price as this!

NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner

Similarily to the Eyeko, this wasn’t purchased, but received in a glossybox. I found the same problem with it drying up too quickly. These felt tip pens aren’t my favourite style to use anyway, but I’ve tried similar style ones which I think are better (L’oreal superliners!)

Repurchase? : Nope!

Have you tried any of these? I hope you liked my first empties post, stay tuned for the second half in a few days 🙂

Rachael x


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