Goodbye Glossybox…

Another different post from me today but I thought as a long term subscriber to the service you may find my thoughts interesting helpful, especially if you’re thinking of subscribing.

I subscribed to glossybox when it first started, having just released their third birthday box, I can’t quite believe it was that long ago or that I received that many. When it started beauty boxes were a relatively recent concept in the US and youtubers were talking about it like crazy. I was very jealous there was not a matching concept over here. When UK youtubers started posting videos about glossybox, a new service which would be available publicly 2 months later I signed up straight away.
I made up my mind I was going to unsubscribe at around Christmas, but have used about 6 months of glossy dots saved up to use on free boxes. As I came to the end I started feeling a bit sad it was ending. I thought about changing my mind and keeping the subscription. However I came to the realisation that In 3 years I haven’t missed a box. With a minimum of 5 products per box, 36 months x 5 products = 180 products (not including the one off special editions I bought). Only one of those products I have repurchased and has become a staple (Lancôme Hypnose drama mascara). That’s crazy. Sure there’s been samples I’ve liked and used, but not things I’ve ever felt like I can’t live without after
I think as glossybox has grown in subscribers the quality of their samples has gone down. I reflected back to a video I remember at the time of launch from swalkermakeup on her video on the first box, which I think was just for youtubers and bloggers. I’ve not had a sample like that for years, and have certainly not had any nars! The brands seem to get cheaper and cheaper, with the exception of perfumes which I still receive more high end samples from.
This month I received a cheap lipstick in an okay shade (often a rarity), a 3ml sample of nail polish which is an awful colour and is so small and fiddle I can’t even contemplate about how long it will take to do my nails using it. A sample of Philip Kingsley elasticizer which I’ve had through glossybox before and didn’t like, a hand cream which I must have already received 5+ through glossybox, an own brand highlighter, and a perfume sample. Out of all those products the only thing I liked was a lipstick which cost £2.69. Definitely not worth the £12.95 subscription.
My boxes have gone to being very make up orientated, I hardly receive any hair care or skin care (especially facial) in my subscription any more. So I’ve got fed up of receiving the 5 or so brands Glossybox promote regularly such as yves rocher, and bored of the vast array of obscure colours in make-up which get stored away and might come in handy one time for a fancy dress (orange eyeliner anyone?!).
A few months ago they did an American themed box which I thought may be a saving grace of products we can’t get here, but was again let down with products such as carmex, which the vast majority of people have tried was in it. I think 3 out of 5 were products which are easily available in boots or superdrug, which is definitely not how they made it out to be on emails.
I wouldn’t say don’t try it, but I’d give it a few months before cancelling if you are thinking about trying, the boxes can be very hit and miss, and if you’ve not been left feeling impressed after 3 months you probably won’t be. For me the cycle has gone around too many times and I’m very glad they’ve been free point boxes for a while. I would say take everything they claim on social media and bloggers samples with a pinch of salt, not everything matches up with what they claim. Your ‘Beauty Profile’ is rarely matched up to the box it receives – I’ve had things for curly hair when I’ve said my hair is straight in my profile. One thing I will say  is their customer care has always been good, If a product has got broken in transit, leaked or is missing they’ve always replaced the item quickly, people are always ready to complain – especially on social media rather than compliment, so i’d say ignore the vast majority of comments on there!
For me I’d prefer to receive fewer higher quality samples of high end or unusual brands, I tried the latest in beauty glamour box recently which was more expensive but more up my street and not as frequent. Around Christmas time I gave Birchbox ago to see if I thought any differently, a lot of the time I found the products I had had a year before in glossybox, or were from benefit (personally I don’t get the whole benefit thing – I think their products are very over-rated apart from one which they discontinued! )
So if you know of a box you think I’d like please let me know! For now I’ll be saving my pennies for different treats I’d normally not buy so regularly such as YSL and Chanel lipsticks.
I’d be interested to know your thoughts on beauty boxes.
UPDATE: I just cancelled my box and because of when I’ve cancelled I’ve got one more month, which begrudingly will be paid for 🙁 – I may follow up to see if it’s any better!



  1. August 28, 2014 / 2:18 pm

    I got the same as you for the last box. So dissapointed because my last couple have been pretty good. I don’t mind getting low end items if they are full size but I’d rather have high end at sample size like birchbox seem to. I think if my next box is a dissapontment I may cancel. They promised that this month’s box would be over £33, but my box was just over £30. I’ve seen other people’s boxes and they have been much better then mine. I think they can be very unfair.

    • August 28, 2014 / 3:45 pm

      Totally agree, I think birchbox used to be fairly good with everyone getting the same products – but I think now they promote a bigger variety. Glossybox seem to have a wide variety of boxes but don’t evenly spread the products, one box will be heavily high end and others will be heavily low end. If everyone got a fair mix I would be less annoyed. I think for me I subscribed because I wanted to try new things, so if it’s a sample I’m not too bothered!

  2. August 29, 2014 / 5:35 pm

    I unsubbed awhile ago from glossy, just wasn’t getting things I was excited about! I figured with 12 pounds a month I could get one or two products I actually wanted and would use! x
    Jasmin Charlotte

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