Simba Mattress Review : Three Months In

Simba Mattress Review : Three Months In

I’ll start by saying I know a lot of people are lucky enough to have mattresses gifted to them for review, but unfortunately whilst I’ve had a couple of opportunities – they’ve all fell through at the end! So this Simba Mattress review is all bought and paid for with my own money.

On leaving my old job I got an extra bit of money from holidays I didn’t take, we were both finding that our old mattress was starting to become a bit uncomfortable. We’d eye’d up Simba Mattresses for a good year and I’d heard good things from my friend Molly who had also purchased one about 6 months before us. With some of that money I decided I would treat us to a nice mattress and hopefully improve our sleep. I had been struggling to drift off for some time and Ben had a slipped disk in his back a few years ago and still hasn’t fully recovered from it.

If you aren’t aware Simba Mattresses are hybrid mattresses, made with a mix of memory foam and micro spring pockets which come rolled up ready for you to place on your bed at home. If you’re unhappy you can arrange a return within 90 days. There’s also a cheaper way to buy them which is what we ended up doing which is buying a returned mattress (slept on for under 90 days) from their eBay store which has had fresh covers placed in. If you time it right they have extra discounts on and I ended up picking up our King-Size for around £180.

After a month I was ready to write my review up, but I decided to hold off until we’d slept for it over that 90 day mark to see how we felt after a good few months.

\The first week of this mattress was a definite adjustment – we had a half spring, half memory foam mattress before but it was definitely on the soft side. The Simba Mattress was a mixture of feeling solid and comfortable all at the same time. The mattress has a bit of give when you sit on it felt very very firm in comparison to our older mattress. The top layer of the mattress is like a thinner layer of foamy fabric in a waffle like texture, I imagine if you had your sheets directly on top it would be very pleasant to lay on, but we have a bed heater on top of ours.

In those first few days I was falling asleep almost instantly and sleeping very deeply. Whilst I felt well rested when I woke up, I didn’t want to get out of bed – I was just too comfortable! I noticed the back aches that I was suffering with quite quickly started to fade away and in less than a week my back felt back to normal.

A couple of months in I’m not drifting off to sleep as easily – the new bed feeling has worn off as the months have gone on. However, I am still very comfortable in bed – I’ve been doing a lot of decorating of late, and doing awkward areas such as bannisters where I’m having to stretch and bend myself into weird positions, leaving me feel very achy at the end of the day – however the aid of this mattress (and the odd massage from Ben!) has meant I’ve generally woken up feeling pretty much okay the next day.

Ben seems to think the mattress has softened slightly over the past few months where it’s got used to where we normally lie – he means this in a good way. Whilst initially I didn’t think I agreed with him, when I do roll into areas of the bed that I don’t normally position myself I do think that it’s a little bit firmer in those spots.

The mattress however does still hold it’s shape perfectly – and when we’re off the mattress it quickly springs back up. Ben and I aren’t the smallest of people and we still have found the mattress feeling very supportive. I imagine though if you are on the lighter side then this might be too firm for you – I feel like it’s a mattress that might need some added weight to sink into the memory foam. Whilst I know they are a lot lighter than the average human – the mattress doesn’t move at all when the dogs jump onto it!

One of the points on this mattress is that you don’t feel your partner moving, and I do have to agree that you barely feel them shifting about. This mattress is also meant to be great for circulating heat – as we’ve had this over winter so far we’ve not really had to trial this out, I have circulation problems and I’m freezing throughout winter, however I’m going to be interested to see what will happen come summer when I do get very hot in bed during warm periods!

At full price I do think this mattress would have been worth it, however as a keen thrifty shopper and after a positive review from my friend Molly on their refurbished mattresses, I decided it was worth taking the cheaper option (giving us more money to spend elsewhere in the house). However if something happened and we needed to repurchase again, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it at full price if they were no longer running the same kind of deal. I am hoping over the next few years that we will change our bed to a Super King size and Simba Mattresses will be the first place I consider when we repurchase.

I hope you enjoyed my Simba Mattress review, and it was helpful if you’ve been considering purchasing a new mattress.


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