Found in TK Maxx – October/November 2018

Found in TK Maxx – October/November 2018

This is more of a mix of a haul from last month where it was mainly beauty focused. This one contains everything from boring to beauty. The beauty section of TK Maxx had some amazing finds this month, I found so much Becca which I managed to resist and keep myself focused on mainly homeware. I will admit that I only picked up a couple of things prior to October, so some of these were picked up over the weekend in early November. And now we’re moved in I’m sure I’ll be finding every excuse I can to go back, so there may well be another towards the end of the month! 


Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette
RRP £43.00 / Price £24.99

When I started this series last month (you can find that post here) I said I was spending a lot of time hunting for this palette after hearing rumours in there that this could be found. I didn’t let this go when I found it and have already been putting it to the test (cough, I like it). Perfect for autumn and I’m so glad I snagged it!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit
RRP £41.00 / Price £19.99

I kinda forgot that I picked this up as I’d not unpacked it when I took these photos, so it’s a good job I made a note in a draft post as I was going along in the month tracking my purchases so I remembered what to round up at the end! However I still haven’t discovered where it’s located, so a pre-prepared photo from the review will have to do! The Glow Kit’s from ABH have loads of fans and I was keen to try the formula, the colours are more unusual but at that price I figured they could also double up as eyeshadows. I’m looking forward to trying and reviewing this… when I’ve found it!


Fido’s Diner Dog Bowls
£3.99 Each

I’ve been looking for nice dog bowls since Christmas and have struggled to find any that I’ve liked that’s in stock in the right number of bowls. I can’t find out much about this brand online, and nor can I find the other places selling this style exactly. I bought two of one design in a grey and white herringbone design, and another in a connected dot design – so they’ve got matching food bowls and a complimenting water dish. Similar size dishes elsewhere cost £6-£9 each, and they tend to be plain brown too, so I think these were a bargain.

Curver Storage Box
RRP £12.99 – Price £5.99

I had one of these already in white which I’ve used to store my cake decorating accessories – and as soon as I put it away in one of the cupboards I realised I wanted another for other baking things such as my hand mixer and rolling pins. I have a lot of curver boxes, but never see this size and shape with flat sides rather than angled sizes, and I luckily stumbled upon this one in dark brown. 

Chevron Grey and Mustard Cushion – £14.99

This was an unbranded cushion which likely means it’s a TK Maxx own brand. I am a little snobby when it comes to cushions and over the years I’ve learnt I really prefer feather ones as they don’t age and misshape as quickly. Our new sofa as you’re reading this will have been delivered yesterday – and our living room is going to have a statement mustard wall and grey tones, so this was perfect. Our new sofa is a large corner sofa and compared to what we had and I’m looking to do lots of grey and mustard cushions so if one ever gets ruined I don’t have to replace a whole set. I loved this design and it’s got a mix of textures so it looks really eye catching. This didn’t have an original price on it, but would have easily have paid £20 elsewhere.

Mustard Stitch Detail Cushion – £12.99

I want plainer cushions as well as patterned ones to break it up and I thought this was perfect without being boring – it’s a jersey like material and features a honeycomb style stitching. These two actually pair really nicely together too. Again, no RRP on this as was unbranded, but I could have paid I reckon £15-20 elsewhere.

JVL Indoor Doormat
RRP £8.99 / Price £4.00

Not the most exciting purchase, and not the prettiest either but it was bought out of convenience, we have a garden/patio type room which the dogs like to go in and out of at night for the loo, and we really needed a decent sized doormat for them to sit on for paw wiping for this time of year in particular! This was discounted from £4.99 to £4 so got an extra discount and whilst I don’t love the design – it will do until I find something prettier, and it does fit the room well! Charlie came to help model, thanks chops!

So there we go, that’s this ‘months’ haul – hope you’re enjoying the more mixed up post, I think when we’re more organised and things are in there place I’ll be able to show you how I’ve styled items too when it comes to homeware.

It’s hard to estimate what the true saving of this haul was since a few of the items in home didn’t have an RRP, but if I add up my total spend it was £94.92 and my spend on items with an RRP (or at the price they were without it) would have cost at least £133.96 elsewhere, I feel like there was a good £20 extra I would have spent elsewhere on the dog bowls and cushions, if not more so around a £150 pricetag in total I’m estimating. Not bad TK Maxx, not bad at all. If you want to see what I picked up last month, which included everything from an eyeshadow palette to an oven glove, you can find that post here!

Let me know what bargains you’ve found recently, from TK Maxx, TJ Maxx, Winners or any other bargain spot! 

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  1. November 7, 2018 / 12:33 pm

    Wow. Your TK Maxx has a lot of gems! Every time I go to mine (or at least lately) there hasn’t been anything in the makeup section that grabs my attention. The reason being is a lot of the products look old and you can tell people have opened the palettes or the boxes which is another thing that puts me off from buying anything make-up related at TK Maxx. I do find though that I have better luck when I go to the other stores but they’re further away from the city. I did go to a Homesense a few weeks ago local to my friend’s house and we popped in. I got some face masks which I really enjoy and a new cleanser. Could’ve got some makeup bits but I resisted.

    Nice to know you like the Subculture. They made such a fuss about that palette when it came out!

    • November 7, 2018 / 2:33 pm

      I go frequently not every trip is a success – often I think it’s about hitting the store as they’ve restocked the shelves. Totally agree with you about makeup – although mine seems to oddly be getting better, I found an unswatched Becca Highlight palette at the weekend which I found very hard to resist! Store to store it can be very different – the Nottingham city store is AWFUL, every piece of makeup and skincare seems to have been crushed and squirted up the walls haha!

      I love home sense, my nearest one is a good 90 minutes away though so I don’t find an excuse to go very often!

      • November 7, 2018 / 5:02 pm

        Speaking of Becca, they recently added a Becca counter at my local John Lewis. I couldn’t believe it!

        Really, I don’t understand why people put their hands over every makeup piece. Surely it just ruins everyone’s experience and then no one ends up buying it?!

        • November 7, 2018 / 6:34 pm

          I’m a long term advocate for a beauty patroller in TK Maxx, they need to have an iPad to show people how to google swatches.

  2. November 12, 2018 / 4:09 am

    I like Subculture too! I picked it up when it was on sale for 50% off on Sephora. But I think I benefited from everyone’s trial and error – I heeded people’s recommendations to lay down a setting powder on the lids before applying the eye shadows which I think helps a lot with the blending.
    At Marshalls last week I scored a bunch of limited edition Sanrio sheet masks from The Creme Shop! I picked up the Hello Kitty and My Melody ones… <3
    I also recently found a bottle of MAC Shadescents Perfume in Candy Yum Yum from Winners for $30. This was from a collection perfumes that matched back to popular MAC lipstick shades. I'd been on the look out for them since seeing a few of them show up at Winners. Candy Yum Yum is very sweet fruity scent which is pretty fun – I'm thinking it'll be good to mix with more musky scents. I'm still on the hunt for the Creme De Nude perfume.

  3. November 21, 2018 / 10:17 pm

    This looks a good haul, or hauls. I never seem to find anything this good in the beauty section in stores. I am definitely going to be on the lookout for anything ABH when I next go in though. I really like the cushions, I’ve been on the lookout for one more mustard or blue one but never think of TK Maxx. I tend to go for a mix of feathers and non feathers but ones with zips so you can get a replacement filling, feathers are too squishy for me half the time.

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