Eye’m Going Mad – Collective Haul March/April 2018

I’ve had a good few weekends away, days in London and one too many naughty small orders here and there over the past month. I thought I wouldn’t really be hauling anything as it “wasn’t that much” until I thought about it and thought – “no you did buy a fair bit” and once it was all in a bowl I was convinced that it was all-together definitely haul worthy. I’ve had a bit of a moment with eyes and eye makeup at the moment – I did even buy a couple of ’emergency’ mascaras in Boots after I realised that I’d gone to work with a full on smokey cut crease and no mascara (doh!) which I forgot to include as part of this haul!

Beauty Bay

Violet Voss Holy Grail PaletteBuy Here
The first thing I got a good month ago now was this baby. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know that I already had the drenched metals palette from Violet Voss and since the tail end of February (up until this arrived) I was having a real love affair with it again. I’d had this palette on my list for ages but always felt like I didn’t “need it” but after some reuniting with my old favourite I was convinced I then did need it and it popped up on sale at just the right time. It was 30% off which made it a complete steal but even at full price this would have been a worthy investment for me. I’ve used it pretty much daily since I’ve had it – even if just to use the matte shades with liquid shadows (more on those throughout the haul!), but it’s definitely been my go to and the one I’ve taken with me whenever we’ve been away too.

Cover FX Shimmer Veils in Halo & MoonstoneBuy Here
These are another item that I’d been wanting to try but I didn’t really want to spend the cash on them at full price – when they went on sale for 40% off I couldn’t hold back and ordered myself two. I’m now working on a liquid eyeshadow comparison post so you’ll have to look out for my thoughts on them until then – but I picked up the shades Halo, a shimmery white with a blue pearl fleck and Moonstone which was a rose gold shade.

TK Maxx

Pixi Aspy Novard Rome Rose Blush – £5.99
I’d been in TK Maxx several times trying to hunt down some Pixi goodness and this was the item I was specifically on the hunt for this, third time lucky and I found it! It was a great price reduced down from £14, this colab with beauty influencer Aspy Novard in a gorgeous pink with gold fleck. It’s got that NARS Orgasm feel to it, but it has less of a coraly warm undertone and sits as a truer pink. this swatches so beautifully and feels so soft and smooth, I have high hopes for this on the face.

Stila Stay All Day Lip Liner in Rose – £3.99 – Buy Here (Beauty Bay)
I think everyone and their Grandma pretty much knows I’m having a love affair with Stila at the moment. One thing I’ve been yet to try is their Lip liners. i wear a lot of rose lipsticks and the shade Rose sounded like one I could get a lot of wear from. Lovely pigment, feels creamy but also sets into place. I’m glad I picked this up as I almost put it down but it’s such a good shade for me.

MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Brick Dust – £10.99
A unswatched lipstick from MAC In TK Maxx can barely go wrong but when it was the one shade out of all the lipsticks I don’t own? Well duh I had to have it – these Lipstensity lipsticks from MAC are such a lovely comfortable formula and my friend Lora loves this colour (and it looks so good on her!) She’d recommend it to fill my one last spare gap in the side for my MAC lipsticks in my Lipstick tower. Honestly I couldn’t have been any luckier with that find!

Cult Beauty

Pixi Fairy Lights in SunRayBuy Here
As I’m working on the liquid eye-shadow post I had to include what the closest *suspected* dupe I’ve seen so far from Pixi. These are very similar in finish to the Stila ones – but I haven’t tried them on the eye yet to see if they have good staying power/don’t flake etc. I picked the shade Sunray because to Gold from the Stila line is kind of sheer more like a topper and this looked more opaque and a slightly different more champagne toned gold. These are slightly cheaper at £16 each instead of £23 – but ultimately I’d rather have the real thing if they’re not as good performance wise so it’ll be interesting to see how these end up comparing.

Lime Crime Diamond Dew in AuroraBuy Here
I stumbled on this by mistake on Cult Beauty and decided it was worth another try for that post – this shade is so stunning, it’s like a really fine sparkle, foily effect duochrome with chunky and smaller pieced iridescent glitters inside. These are semi sheer but layer up okay to be more opaque, I’ve worn these a few times over the past week since it arrived and so far I’m impressed.

John Lewis

NARS Wanted Power Pack Lip Kit in Warm Nudes
Whilst I was in London this Wednesday with Ben’s family we did some shopping at Westfield London before we headed into the city to see Dreamgirls (amazing btw!). I’d heard that the new John Lewis had some beautiful counters and layout and they were not wrong! We were so limited on time I couldn’t go nuts but I couldn’t help but swatch away at the Powermattes from NARS – my friend Molly who has a very limited love of liquid lipstick formulas, the Sales assistant showed me these half size duos that were the same price as one full size. I decided to pick something a bit different from my norm (roses) and picked some peachier tones, there is one limited edition and one permanent shade in each of these sets – these two shades Get It On and Hot Blooded make a gorgeous ombre lip.

The strange thing was when I was at NARS, Ben’s sister was over at MAC and when we reunited we both pointed to our freshly applied lips to see we’d both bought virtually the same shades from different counters!


Powder Brush x 2
Whilst we were in Wales I picked up two of these powder brushes – I already have one which I really love for setting the face quickly. I decided to pick up another couple as they were being discontinued and were just 75p! Because they are such a thick, dense brush they take a while to dry so it’s nice to have some back ups for when they are drying.

Local CCO

Stila Stay All Day Brow Pencils in Dark Brown –Buy Here (Beauty Bay)
These are unpictured as I accidentally left my bag at a friends house and I’m not seeing her for another couple of weeks but I wanted to give these a mention. I bought one of these a month or so ago and have so deeply fell in love with it – my CCO can have shades go out of stock for a few weeks/months so I popped my head in to see what they had in and I picked up the last two dark brown shades on the shelf. These were £6 each instead of £14.99ish – so a great steal. These have such a narrow tiny nib that it’s easy to get a precise line and create realistic strokes, with a spoolie on the other end.

What have you been treating yourself to recently?

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  1. April 23, 2018 / 9:55 am

    Lovely post, those cover fx shimmer veils look gorgeous and I love the lipstick shade you got from MAC!!

  2. April 24, 2018 / 12:05 am

    I’ve been looking at the Pixi and Lime Crime glitters so can’t wait for your thoughts on them. Will you write up about the Barry M ones too? The Violet Voss palette is gorge x

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