A Day In London: Shopping, Show & Food

A Day In London: Shopping, Show & Food

On Saturday we popped down to London for the day as we had tickets for Book of Mormon which I got for my birthday (let me know if you’re interested in seeing a review),  we had no plans other than seeing the show in the afternoon, but we booked our trains to be in London for the whole day. We visited the National Gallery in the morning before grabbing some lunch at the new Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant pre theatre and a walk through China Town, and spent the evening wandering from the theatre to Oxford Street as it was the first properly nice Spring Day in the UK.

We spent a large portion trying to find some brown flat boots as a belated gift from my boyfriend for my birthday, but it seems like the boot season has passed, and I need to think of something else!



First stop was Hollister, I’m not the biggest Hollister shopper as they’re clothes are usually cut for people with no curves. I picked up this white jersey top which looks basic from the front but has a detailed back. I love basics like this which have a bit more to them, the fabric was super soft as all hollister jersey tops are and although this was slightly more pricey – I know how well Hollister clothes wash. This was £19 and I regret not picking this up in the black and grey they also had, this is being worn as we speak and I feel so snuggly in it!




I had it in my mind that if we went by Kiko that I would stop in as I have only ever visited them abroad. The Kiko Real Glare nail polish was in the clearance for I think £1.90, I love those bright colbalt blues as they really suit my skin tone, and I don’t have anything similar to it with the shimmery blue micro glitter running through.


I also picked up an 8 hour wear eyeshadow stick in shade #6 Golden Brown, I don’t own any eyeshadow pencils and wanted something for days when I’m in a rush. I swatched it in my hand in the shop – and it didn’t budge for the rest of the day, it blends out as shown – or can be left unblended for a more intense colour. You have to work quickly with this, as after 20-30 seconds it’s set and won’t move any more.


Finally I picked up one of their new Frosted Look lipsticks, (which I believe is limited edition), the shade I picked up was #5 Authentic Magenta, it’s not a complete magenta it has a slight red undertone. I like these chubby stick type lipsticks as you get more product for your money, I like this actually had a proper lipstick tip meaning you can get the precise line you’d normally expect. I’ve worn this today for the first time, and it held up through eating a meal which is always a plus for me. They only thing, I have no idea why these are called frosted – they’ve just been released, so frosted doesn’t seem a spring appropriate name, and the finish is almost matte – not frosted!

Dorothy Perkins


Dorothy Perkins on Oxford street is closing down, so had a look through to see if I could pick up any bargains. My favourite cut of jeans is the Eden Jeggings so picked up a pair in White for work and a mid acid wash pair – they were 30% off each, plus another discount was added at checkout (I don’t know for what reason!) so both pairs were only £14 each.

Bubba Gump Shrimp


The first non-USA version of the American restaurant chain, we stopped here because it was right opposite the theatre and gave it a go.  If you’re thinking of going we wouldn’t recommend, we didn’t try any fish, we shared some deep onion strings as a starter (they were nice), and split our mains of a Chicken Corden Blue Baguette and Cheese Burger, the chicken was okay, but the burger didn’t taste of anything – we had a much nicer meal in Prezzos (which we don’t normally rate) at Kings Cross in the evening for half the price!


These weren’t technically a purchase but our drinks came with a free glass (drinks were almost £10 each so I almost expected to take the table home with me as well).


Tiger is a shop I’ve been longing to go to for a while, it’s a bit of a random danish shop with basic homeware, stationery and craft bits, I know they do paper and washi tape in there which is why I wanted to go, but they only had easter themed ones! There was no reason behind any of these, it was just random! (Everything was wrapped up in the cute easter chick tissue paper).


2 Mason Jars cups with lids – £2 each


Colouring pencil chopstick set – £2


Magnetic basket – £2


Dinner Candles – 3 for £1


Heart Food Bags – £1

On Sunday we ran some errands, and ended up popping into a few shops which wasn’t worth showing separately



I already have one of these ‘smudging’ brushes 10(I would say it’s a blending brush) from Wilkos and I really like it, they’ve copied the style of the real techniques brushes, and is the same kind of synthetic softness. This is only £3 and wanted another as mine is always dirty!

I picked up this Montagne Jeunesse face mask to start off my new Face mask friday series (look out this week) – A peeling cucumber deep pore mask for only £1.

I’ve just ran out of my Garnier Micellar water, but couldn’t find it in my supermarket or wilkos, so picked up this one from L’Oreal as a substitute, I’ve tried this before and liked it, but do prefer the Garnier, this is currently on sale for £2.50 (in Wilko and Sainsburys).

Local CCO


I popped in to my CCO to see if they had an alternative for a new powder, as I almost ran out of my go to Rimmel Stay Matte – I spotted this Wild Rose Compact Powder in the last chance clearance section from Korres, I’ve been really impressed with the 2 foundations I’ve tried from Korres, this normally retails for £16, and was reduced to £1.99.

I already have this Ginger and Vitamin Korres foundation and I like it, so when I spotted this one for £1, I decided to pick it up for a back up.


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