June 2015 Empties: Haircare

Part 3 of 4 of my ginormous June empties. This time we’re talking all things to do with hair care! There was one extra product that was added in right in the nick of time, taking my total of the month up to 46! june-2015-hair-care-empties

Parlor Sea Salt Texturising Spray

Received in my May Birchbox, I liked this I didn’t love it. I didn’t find that it made my hair any wavier than it naturally has. It did help hold waves more than they usually would, but not enough to make be repurchase.

Repurchase? No

Andreas Wendt The Stylist Thermo Protector

I was given this by work to review for my blog, and although I loved this, it didn’t really warrant a blog post for itself. A heat protector that did a marvellous job of also helping de-tangling, I will miss this now I have none left.

Repurchase?: I would do, but we were the only UK stockist of this german brand so sadly no!

Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer

Huhhhhh, I said in my haircare empties that I’ve tried and tried to love this cult favourite but it does nothing for my hair. I finally finished a tube of this (I had 3 from various beauty boxes) – and still don’t think it did anything. I recently saw Vivianna from Vivianna loves makeup chat about this, and she said she leaves it in overnight. I will give this a last ditch attempt to see some kind of results before it’s added to my donation pile.

Repurchase? A self explanatory, current no!

No 4 Lumiere d’Hiver

Another product from my May Birchbox, I had high expectations of this as it was described as being a highly concerntated formula, and having the most elaborate description of any hair mask I’ve tried to date “Lumiere d’Hiver is the result of a clear winter sunrise, where I stood watching downy feathers…” it continues. Sadly, this was just a normal conditioner.

Repurchase? No


Andreas Wendt Age Vital Shampoo and Conditioner

Another set that I was given by work to try. These were nice, but they were nothing out of the ordinary, however they were targeted at ageing hair (something which at 25 I’m hopefully not due to suffer from just yet!)

Repurchase? Will happily use the other 2 of these that I have, but wouldn’t repurchase, even if I was able to!

Gary Sutherland Love Potion Conditioner

Bought from a staff sale at work for 50p along with a shampoo. I had high hopes for this as it was originally retailing for around £20. I posted a full review of this duo, and although I liked them, I definitely didn’t think they warranted the original price tag, you can read the full review here if interested!

Repurchase? No

My Little Beauty Masque Reparatuer

Received in April 2015 My Little Box, I really liked this hair masque. It really reminded me of something and I couldn’t pinpoint until the very last use that this was basically a rip off of Aussie’s 3 minute miracle. Scent, Colour, Effect – everything about it was the same! Apart from the price listed as almost £8.

Repurchase?: You can’t purchase my little beauty in the UK at the moment, however I wouldn’t given the price is twice as expensive as Aussie. It has however reminded me how much I like Aussie, so maybe I will repurchase that in the near future!


Gary Sutherland The Hair Wizard Love Potion Shampoo

This was the product that made it last minute, washing my hair on Tuesday evening this just caught being apart of my empties! As with the conditioner, this was apart of the full review of the duo, this isn’t strictly empty as there feels like there is 2-3 uses left, however it’s gone off, the old gorgeous honey and oat scent has disappeared and is left smelling like rotten eggs! I had to wash my hair a few times to make sure I had got rid of the stench. This was a good shampoo, but given it was too stripping to use frequently as it was almost like a clarifying shampoo, it’s not good that I couldn’t finish the bottle (and that was with my boyfriend using it too before he got told off!)

Repurchase? Hell No!

That’s all my haircare empties! Have you tried any of these brands? I think most of them are out of the “norm”


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*Product sent for review, but 100% my own opinions.


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  1. July 2, 2015 / 3:09 pm

    Wow, the never ending empties! Aw too bad most of these are not repurchases and the things you love are from a brand (Andreas Wendt) that you can’t get anymore!
    Great job! 🙂

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