Weekly Recaps #11 & #12

Last weekend was a busy one for me – I’d realised I hadn’t started pre-prepping my weekly recap as I do through the week. Before I knew it was Sunday at 7pm and the thought of starting to write a weekly recap at that point felt too late (and to be honest I was completely wrapped up watching Harry Potter) and decided to roll 2 weeks worth of recaps into 1.

Monday (Week 1) – Boots Haul (link)


Thanks to all those empties I created I needed to stock up on a few essential items for my stash (and a few non-essentials too I will admit!)

Tuesday (Week 1) – Biggest Empties Ever Haircare (link)


Just a mere 60 hair products finished up in the 7 and a half month slug. The bulkiest packaging overall so I was glad these were finally binned from my home!

Wednesday (Week 1) – Guilt Free Ebay Treats #3 (link)


A post with a few ideas of things you can treat others too for Christmas – or maybe yourself as they’re so inexpensive!

Thursday (Week 1) – Sephora Formula X Naughty Newton (link)


Review of this pretty polish – Naughty Newton – trouble is he likes to get up to mischief!

Friday (Week 1) – Face Mask Friday Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask (link)


A super affordable high street sheet mask that rivals much more expensive ones in my experience!

Saturday (Week 1) – Wedding Planning – 6 Months to Go (link)


A post being like “oh shit” it’s only 6 months away – recapping what’s been ticked off recently, such as bridesmaid dresses and shoes, and what still needs to be done!

Monday (Week 2) – Beauty Bay Black Friday Haul (link)


I kept myself relatively restrained in Black Friday and purchased just a few items from the Beauty Bay.

Tuesday (Week 2) – MAC Haul (link)


My first ever pure MAC Haul, this was very OTT haul for me from MAC, but I do not regret one piece of it (so far, still yet to try everything haha!)

Wednesday (Week 2) – Sunday Riley Good Genes (link)


I’ve had this since April, and it took  me a long time to make up my mind as to whether it was making any differences or not.

Thursday (Week 2) – Biggest Ever Empties: Skincare (link)


I finally put my 7 & a half month empties series to bed by wrapping it up with Skincare!

Friday (Week 2) – Formula X Legend (link)


So personal recap time! These past few weeks have been really busy. We’re about to start having some work done in our kitchen – right before Christmas, we must be mad – so we’ve been a bit upside down trying to get space cleared for the builders and as organised as we possibly can be whilst we will be completely unorganised. Thursday I had my hair cut and retoned, it was getting a bit brassy and it was quite frankly making me want to dye it a bright colour to cover it up so I went and got it sorted. I had quite a lot taken off “as little as possible, as much as needed” is my standard statement, but it looks thicker and healther – it’s also been a lot easier to manage, I’m really happy with it a few weeks on!

I also had my work Christmas Party, and had my makeup done at MAC – this was the reason I went and got super spendy at MAC, and went back the next day to use a few of the products that the MUA used on me. Only to be judged my the security guard “Weren’t you in here yesterday” – yes get used to it mate. My work Christmas party was good although I had to leave earlier than planned as my colleague who was taking me home’s wife was ill – so I never got to drink as much prosecco as I would have liked or bust my moves on the dancefloor.

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BNiKb_8jmFF/?taken-by=helplesswhilstdrying width=850]

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BNjMpKbjtlB/?taken-by=helplesswhilstdrying width=850]

Saturday we headed to go and collect my car and did a bit of shopping – we were really late leaving the house and aimed to be back for 2, but we didn’t end up leaving until about 2! We wanted to be back as we had a wedding reception for someone who Ben works with in the evening and wanted to spend time chilling out a bit! Saturday I recreated the makeup the MUA did on me the night before – but with different colours (MAC didn’t have the pigment set in stock otherwise it probably would have been identical) and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out, several people said how nice my makeup looked which always goes down well!

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BNkTWkwjYGI/?taken-by=helplesswhilstdrying width=850]

Sunday we did some jobs and tidying around the house – including Dog Kennel repair, we then had a late roast dinner and carried on with our Harry Potter marathon. Monday came round and both myself and Ben were off, he had a really bad stomach and I was throwing up everywhere, very pleasant. We stayed stuck to the sofa all day and luckily the dogs were more than happy to just curl up with us. Whilst we were off on the same day – I think our illnesses were unrelated, I think the horrible sickness stomach problem I had over summer is back as I’ve continued to feel really sick all week. I’ve just been getting on with it – as I had to do all summer and I’ve been back at work since Tuesday.

We’ve managed to watch a lot of films in the past 2 weeks, achieving the 100 different movies in a year challenge now looks completely feasible – we’re now at number 92! We watched, Christmas With The Kranks (Horrible movie, I now know why I hadn’t seen it, What’s Your Number? – not heard of this but it popped up on Netflix and had Anna Faris in who I like a lot, The Night Before – a Christmas movie from Last year with Seth Rogan, and all Seth rogans normal pals, was okay, same jokes as every Seth Rogan movie. We We’ve also watched Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets – Deathly Hallows Part 1, we went to watch Part 2 before realising, we don’t actually own it so it’s on it’s way from Amazon as we speak! Ben also allowed me to watch a Disney film whilst we were off ill – Pocahontas was the natural choice because it has joint best songs (with Little Mermaid).

This weekend I hope we will have Christmassed up a little – we’ve done nothing so far! It’s also Ben’s birthday this week and we’re off to do some talking with a travel agent about our honeymoon!

How have your few weeks been?


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  1. December 11, 2016 / 11:27 pm

    Love that gorgeous black nail polish !

  2. December 12, 2016 / 3:04 am

    Life sounds super busy! I can’t believe you decided to renovate your kitchen so close to the Holidays – you ARE mad! 😛
    I can’t believe you’ve watched 92 movies so far this year! I haven’t kept track but I highly doubt I’m even at 50. Last night we watched “Sicario” – have you seen that one? It’s quite good but a bit gritty (ie not festive for the Holidays!)
    I hope you’re back to 100% health soon!

    • December 12, 2016 / 12:56 pm

      Kithen renovations are a weird Christmas gift from my parents – sounds more extravagant than what it was but essentially we’re getting a kitchen island for christmas and a few extra wall cupboards as we’ve ran out of space! They insisted that we should have it done for Christmas so it’s more fun to cook in the kitchen, even though I don’t think we’re hosting anything over Christmas haha! It was supposed to be started end of November, but they ended up running over somewhere else so now we’ve got a week of crazy!
      I haven’t seen Sicario, but i have heard of it! We’re now watching 30/60 minute segments of movies in the evening instead of TV shows in a bid to make sure we do a hundred, I think we’ll both be disappointed if we don’t finish it!
      Thank you, I’ve finally got a referral to a gut specialist now but it might not be for about a month!

      • December 12, 2016 / 1:56 pm

        I’d love to have a kitchen island! We have tons of cupboard space but not enough counter space!
        It’s a challenge to get in to see specialists – the wait list is always so long! I hope the specialist will sort things out!

  3. December 12, 2016 / 5:10 am

    Great posts! I hope you feel better soon!! ❤ xx

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