Victoria’s Secret Victoria Perfume Review

Returning from New York, I had a large stash of cash that I didn’t spend – I was planning an extravagant purchase of an Alexander Rocco bag, but could not bring myself to do the spend – especially post engagement, all I could keep thinking was, that £800 could pay for a lot of wedding crap. I was happy taking home a £500 chunk, but had an extra $100 I left myself for airport treats.

Can I say Duty Free at JFK was crap compared to UK – I could have spent that $100 ten times over in Heathrow on the way out but the Duty Free was suprisingly nothing in comparison. There were a few hidden shops around the corner, and in hindsight I wish I’d just gone and bought myself a few MAC lippies instead of this…


The packaging of this is undeniably pretty, I can’t help but think that’s half of the reason it was in the line up for consideration at almost Midnight, ready to get on a plane back home. I think I’d smelt too many and I’d got it narrowed down to about 5 different ones in Victoria’s Secret and I left the final decision up to Ben to decide and he picked Victoria.

With a gorgeous pink chrome ribbon adorning the top of the top of the heavy crystal like glass bottle one thing it certainly does have going for it, is that it makes a stunning piece of dressing table eye candy. With the Victoria signature scrawled across the bottom of the bottle, I like the detail personally and think it adds an interesting touch to what may have been quite plain otherwise.


Okay, so what we’re really here for is scent right? Described on the website as notes of Creme Brulee (seriously what’s with all the french deserts Victoria’s Secret?), Red Berries and Rose. I’d agree that initially you can smell a bit off all three – but very quickly this settles to being a very soft plain rose scent. There’s nothing other to it and I prefer a mix of notes which feels infinitely more sophisticated to me than a one note special. In terms of wear time I personally don’t find it lasts as well as other perfumes.

This is priced quite highly in my opinion, it’s priced at a not dissimilar level to the likes of a 50ml bottle of Chanel and I just personally don’t think this one is worth it – whilst it is 100ml, you need more sprays to make it noticeable. I much prefer the ‘Love Me More’ Rollerball I reviewed last week – that one is much nicer and complex in my opinion.


I just find that I’m not reaching for this as often as I thought I would, it’s sat out looking pretty, but only being reached for once a week, It says a lot when I’m reaching more for a perfume that cost me £3 from the Body Shop rather than the £70 option!

Have you tried any Victoria’s Secret perfumes? Let me know any hits or misses for the future to avoid or check out!


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  1. Yasmin Rebecca (@sweetsevenfive)
    May 29, 2016 / 2:20 pm

    Have never tried Victoria Secret perfume, dissapointed for you that this isn’t great! The bottle will look beautiful on your dresser at least though :’)

    Y x |

  2. saturdayonwednesday
    May 30, 2016 / 12:23 am

    That’s a shame:/ I agree it looks pretty, but you can buy pretty deco details for that money instead. I hate it when that happens. I have a few ‘just for looking’ perfume pieces myself :/ X

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