Vegan Skincare: White Rabbit Coconut and Lime Cleansing Water

When I was choosing my items for my first You Beauty box this was one of the items that Immediately jumped out as me as something I wanted to try. White Rabbit skincare is new to me, whilst I think I have heard mumblings about it from some of the vegan beauty blogs I follow.

Where possible I like to make cruelty free choices, and I’m always aiming moving forward to when my stash is cleared to only replace with Cruelty free options. White Rabbit skincare is a lovely little British brand which as I already said was vegan friendly as well as of course being cruelty free accompanying it.


Everything about this had me intrigued, Lime and Coconut Cleansing Water sounded alien to me. Limes are not a product that I normally see when it comes to cleansers for the face – in fact anything citrus you don’t tend to see being featured heavily in skincare and I’ve currently got a bit of a burning passion for anything coconut. The packaging also looked and felt different to other skincare brands, so the combination of the ingredients had me hooked at wanting to try it.


The texture was just as I thought it was going to be, milky like a coconut water whilst still being very thin. There is a scent, but I find it hard to pinpoint exactly what it smells like, it smells neither like lime or coconut to me but I wonder if that’s due to the metal bottle that it’s in balancing out the scent of the product.

I was pleased this can be used all over the face, including the eye area. So gleefully poured some over a cotton pad and swiped around my face. My skin felt super clean and following up with a toner (which I always do to check how effective a new cleanser has cleared my skin) it appeared it removed it all. I then followed up with a fresh one over my eye area and whilst it did a great job of removing everything, it BURNT MY EYES SO MUCH. Seriously, I had to sit down for 10 minutes until it stopped stinging and didn’t dare open my eyes in the mean time. My eyes are normally not sensitive to things that are safe at all, and in memory, this is the only product which has given me such a reaction which is a shame as I’d already been thinking about buying another bottle in between pad one and two.


I like my cleansers to be a catch all, removes makeup, nourishes the skin, and can be used everywhere – so whilst I’ll use this up, I wouldn’t repurchase it.


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  1. August 25, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    Oh OUCH! I can’t believe they said it was suitable for the eye area. I’ll never understand skincare products especialy the cleansing types, that sting the eyes! Did they not do any product testing on HUMANS?

  2. August 25, 2016 / 8:16 pm

    I was almost convinced until you mentioned the reaction to your eyes …. I have sensitive skin so am a bit double minded … sounds great otherwise though!

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