The Weekly Recap #2

Howdy! How are we mid-way through July? Seriously it blows my mind, before we know it summer will be gone! I’ve been busy in London, Visiting family, doing-this, doing that every weekend and I’ve not had chance to stop and smell the roses as it were. I feel like Summer is passing by way too quickly.

Anyway. Sunday’s are now the home of my Weekly Recap of posts that have happened Monday – Saturday, I might add a few random things also such as TV programmes I’ve been watching, blogs I’ve been loving every now and again too.

So this week’s post should you want to catch up…


Monday: What Beauty I Packed for a Weekend Away in London
Tuesday: What I Bought in London – Beauty, Jewellery and Michael Kors
Wednesday: Love Me Beauty July 2015
Thursday: My Little Road Trip Box / July 2015 My Little Box
Friday: Topshop Dark Knight Swatch & Review
Saturday: The Beauty Bay Sale Haul

Blogger of the Week

I’ve done a terrible job of reading blogs this week, I’ve been so busy at work as my boss has been on her honeymoon that I’ve not had much time to catch up on blogs. I’ve been super motivated to get back to being pretty scheduled (so as I write this it’s Friday – I have 8 posts already scheduled in again). So I hopefully will have done some catching up over the weekend!

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 21.18.45

I had a comment on my Love Me Beauty post from Becca, from In My Post, she’s set up a new blog reviewing beauty subscriptions and online shopping orders that comes through her postbox. As a fan of Snail Mail (as am I) I’m looking forward to seeing her posts – it’s a different idea and I like it.

Becca’s: Blog Link | Twitter | Instagram
(Update 2018 Becca has removed her blog/twitter/instagram)

If you’re mega behind in reading blogs (like I am) and want to catch up with last week’s Weekly Recap – it’s here!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week, and will have a wonderful week ahead 🙂


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