The Hairdryer by Label M

The Hairdryer by Label M

 I’ve been through 3 hairdryers in the past 2 and a half years, each time i’ve bought a hairdryer from Boots for £40-£60, and always been left disappointed as despite rave reviews online they’ve never quite lived up to what I was expecting.

Make way for the hair dryer of all hair dryers (at least from what I’ve tried), I was having my hair coloured in October, and talking to my hairdresser (also my boyfriends sister), saying that mine was on the verge of dying, and I started looking at the one they had in the salon.


I had got to the point with my other one that I hated using it, and would wash my hair in the morning and would go to work with wet hair (getting a car blowdry en-route – heaters turned up to the maximum, that didn’t get to a good result). This leaves my hair shiny (thank you ions), sleek and most importantly it all happens quickly.

I was convinced after my sister-in-law blow dryed my hair and took one home that day, and I’m so glad that I did, it’s cut the time it was taking me to dry my hair to a third (5 minutes – and I have very thick quite long hair). 2 speed settings, 2 heat + cool blast. This came with 2 nozzles, one of which the dog chewed on after a matter of hours (note to self, don’t leave stuff on the side). Something I have found with most ‘high street’ hair dryers is that they do a really good job of being hot or blowing with power, but rarely do the two come together.

Now admittedly I buy my products for at the cost salon buys them at, which in this case was £31.50, so was a total bargain. I’ve since bought one from my mum for her birthday, and my sister tried and liked it too! I’ve had mine since October, and 100% I am glad that I bought it. I believe this retails for about £60 in salons but you can get it online for £45.

I was previously lusting after the GHD Air, which is more expensive than this, and I’m so glad I didn’t cave in and buy, as I’ve tried a friends since – and I must say that I prefer the label m hairdryer.

If you haven’t bought a Salon hairdryer, I would recommend splashing the extra cash, especially if you have thicker hair which is more unmanageable like mine!


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  1. February 6, 2015 / 7:52 pm

    I’m actually in need of a new dryer! Mine died when I finished uni but as I’ve been at home I’ve just used my mums. Now I’m moving out I need to get my own! I get annoyed that even after a reasonable amount of time my hair isn’t dry because it’s thick so this sounds like a good one for me!x

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