The Body Shop Mini Haul

Since discovering what a great bargain I can get in my local Body Shop, I’ve been shopping there more frequently. I went into pick up a back up of my Instablur Primer – as I’m almost out. Because my local one is part of an outlet, there more items you buy the bigger discount you get so when buying 4 or more, you get 40% off everything.


Similarly to last time I got the Instablur Primer which would normally be £14, and I picked everything here up for £15.40. I really wanted to have a good look at everything in the shop and discover more things from the brand, at it really is a new discovery to me – I’ve never really tried anything! I was with my boyfriend who was not in the mood to pretend to be interested so I just grabbed a few other items I thought I was guaranteed to like to take advantage and get a better deal.

Hand Creams in Pink Grapefruit and Satsuma – £4 Each (with 40% off = £2.40)the-body-shop-hand-cream-haul

I was down to my last little bit of a tube of all my hand cream stash (hooray). They had a massive box of this sized handcream and I could have easily gone wild on these alone, but having not tried them before I decided to just get two. I like to keep a hand cream in  my handbag and one by the side of the bed to put on last thing at night. The Pink Grapefruit is very zesty and sour, so I’ve put that one in my handbag as it’s not a very soothing one for night time. The Satsuma is probably not either, but compared to Pink Grapefruit it was a hell of a lot better!

Instablur Primer £14 (with 40% Discount £8.40)


I posted a review of this primer here, I don’t know that I would pay full price for this as I seem to have whizzed through the tube very quickly and although I liked it, I wasn’t planning on purchashing it for that reason. I did weigh up the cost of the primer with the discount however, and decided that actually it was worth it with the discount compared to buying something else from the drugstore.

Papaya Shower Gel – Reduced from £4 to £3 (with 40% off £2.10)


I featured the Early Harvest Raspberry Shower Gel in August Empties, and although I had another Peach one still in my stash, I worked out that if I got this as my 4th item and the percentage discount went up – it made the whole order only 10p more expensive – so essentially I got this for 10p. Similarly to the above, I don’t think I would pay £4 for these, but with the discount I do like them. I was surprised at how long these lasted though, I guess I normally use a bottle over a month and this took me 2 months to use up, so it goes further than normal.

If you have any favourite products from the Body Shop please let me know, I’ll check them out next time I go in!


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  1. September 2, 2015 / 4:03 pm

    You are such a bargain hunter, I love it! xo

      • September 2, 2015 / 4:07 pm

        I’m exactly the same! There’s nothing more satisfying than getting yourself a good bargain 🙂 xx

        • September 2, 2015 / 4:09 pm

          I agree, that’s why I save all my points up for splurge items too, makes me feel like I’ve made an ultra crafty deal for nothing. Although I almost have “too many” boots points at the moment, no idea what to spend them on! x

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