Ten Empties #20

Ten Empties #20

I feel like I’m going through another phase of rapid fire empties – I’ve got so many products which are on their last spritzes, pumps or scoops and it’s making me very happy to see them all getting toppled up in my basket under my dressing table. These may not technically be the next ten finished items as I’ve finished so much in a week and a half I had enough for almost two empties, I can’t quite remember what order they were finished in so I plucked out a good mix from just about every category. This is an unusually negative empties as there is not many products in here I would repurchase…


Ark Anti-Aging Skin Protector SPF Primer (review)
This has been a labour of love moderate like to finish up, this has been my main SPF as well as a primer over summer (the two in one step has been welcomed as I’ve become a bit lazier with bases) and it’s also doubled up as a moisturiser. Across the board it’s not my favourite thing and nor is it the cheapest at £36 – but if you’re looking to save space or money, the fact it’s a primer and SPF in one (and a creamy texture so my oily skin finds it quite moisturising) is quite welcome. 
Repurchase? No

Absolute New York Eye Primer
I got this in a birch box years ago and it’s been the eye primer I’ve been working on all year and I was so glad when I could declare this empty enough to toss. It was such a thin formula I found it didn’t really make much difference and definitely didn’t beat my favourites from Urban Decay. I’m even trying a cheap wet and wild one at the moment and that one is hands down five times better than this!
Repurchase? No


Mixa Restoring Body Lotion
I got this in one of my final My Little Box boxes and it was one of the last good products I received! This was a really good neutral moisturiser, it had a nice subtle calming scent and was a good formula that rubbed into the skin with ease without feeling heavy. Great for my arms especially my elbows, but also doubled up for receiving a back massage haha.
Repurchase? I have a hell of a lot of body moisturisers and have no need to, but I would recommend if you’re in the market for something new which won’t break the bank.

LUSH Christingle Body Conditioner (Review)
Oh my. This was horrible. Residue left me feeling like I’d been dipped in warm greasy candle wax and I didn’t feel particularly moisturised once I’d managed to shift the stickiness. Will avoid at all costs, one more product left from Lush on my shelf before I likely never purchase from them again.
Repurchase? Did you not see the scathing review above?

REN Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Body Wash
This is a lovely body wash – Ben always commented on this as it filled the shower room for ages after use and was a good product for us both to use – the kind of unisex scent everyone can agree on. I think we were both sad when we had finished this up and I have considered rebuying. The full size however is £22. Eek. I will gladfully accept this in beauty boxes and advent calendars, but it would need to be on a serious deal for me to consider even picking this up as a treat.
Repurchase? Unlikely – but if you like getting spendy with your shower gels, this is worth a try.


Schwarzkopf Gliss Asia Straight Shampoo and Conditioner (Review)
Featured in my last new in the shower post, this set had me puzzled. The first few times I used it I could go longer between washes without it looking greasy, then it seemed to make my hair really greasy and then back towards the end it was back to extended gaps. I have no idea whether this was at fault or whether it was something else But it’s put me off buying this one again, I prefer the two ranges that come in the pink bottles more.
Repurchase? Unlikely


Garnier Moisture Bomb Day Moisturiser (Review)
Whilst I liked this I was so happy when I finally had this finished up – this has been sat on my bedside table for the best part of a year and whilst I’ve tried to use it through the last year – I’ve had hardcore effort spent for four months or so. This for me was too greasy for a day moisuriser, but worked well for me at night.
Repurchase? No, I have a million face moisturisers in my drawer to try! 


Victoria’s Secret Secret Escape Body Mist
Well it took me almost three years to finish three of these – I picked up three when we went to New York in January 2016 and they had just released this newer style packaging. This one was pleasant enough but definitely not in my top favourites from the range. I will rebuy these at some point but more likely direct from Victoria’s Secret as the deals are so much better than the likes of Superdrug.
Repurchase? Not this scent, but yes to other VS sprays.

YSL Black Opium Perfume (Review)
I’ve talked about this perfume several times since I picked it up this January – it’s been my go to for most of the year but I’ve not thoroughly been enjoying it as it’s longevity lets it down for me, so it was more of a case of trying to get it finished in order to continue trying to keep a more minimised perfume collection. I love how this smells, just not how it lasts.
Repurchase? Unlikely – I may consider it on the kind of rare deal I snagged after Christmas where I got it for half price, but not at full price.


Colgate Total Toothpaste
Just a regular old toothpaste, this ended up being finished quite quickly as it was taken on holiday with us and my whole family started descending on it I think!

Superdrug Charcoal Toothpaste
I got this in a magazine which had a bunch of Superdrug goodies in it – this is a newer release from them and my first time trying a black toothpaste. Meant to be very whitening I didn’t see anything particularly noticeable, but the tube was maybe too small to tell. I will probably try this again and pick up a bigger tube at some point, I also quite liked the flavour of this – minty but not overly powering so if you wanted to drink or eat immediately after it didn’t create a gross cocktail of flavours.

L’Occitane Overnight Reset Serum
I was sent a little sample of this about a month ago and managed to get a weeks worth of use out of it. It has yellow floating bursting beads which wre too big to be sucked up in the packaging so I expect it may have performed differently on the full size version. However I did find it hydrating and worked pretty well.

And that’s it from this one – a mixed bag of products but thanks to a few pricier items it’s really topped up my total for the year and I’m starting to sail very close to that £2,000 total. Eek. Make sure if you’ve tried any of these you let me know if you’ve tried any of these and whether it was a love or loathe. 

You can peek at my 2018 empties spreadsheet at any time by clicking here, and If you love an empties post and you haven’t been keeping up you can click here to see my Ten Empties series so far.

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  1. September 24, 2018 / 7:15 am

    It’s mad that you’re almost at the 2k mark already this year- I’d hate to know how much I’ve spent in the last five years on beauty products! xx

  2. September 24, 2018 / 8:15 am

    Shame the Asia Gliss range isn’t as good as the pink, it’s strange how different products from the same line can work and behave in a completely opposite fashion. I didn’t know there was a Moisturse Bomb moisturiser, Garnier really seem to milk that line and turn it into a lot of products! I’d like to try one of the VS body sprays, those plastic bottles last a long time and the scents tend to last longer than Impulse etc. what scents do you like from Victoria’s Secret?

  3. September 24, 2018 / 3:23 pm

    Nice post!! The Black Opium Suit Blanche is currently my favorite perfume. I never noticed it longevity but I will try to notice it today when I go out. I used to use Mixa all the time, idk why I stopped honestly.

  4. September 24, 2018 / 5:50 pm

    On Mon, 24 Sep 2018, 06:01 Helpless Whilst Drying, wrote:

    > Rachael – Helpless Whilst Drying posted: ” I feel like I’m going through > another phase of rapid fire empties – I’ve got so many products which are > on their last spritzes, pumps or scoops and it’s making me very happy to > see them all getting toppled up in my basket under my dressing table. These > ” >

  5. The Beauty Wonk
    September 24, 2018 / 8:49 pm

    I really love doing and reading empties post! Makes me feel less guilty about buying products and the satisfaction of tossing out those empty containers in the corner of the closet😍😍

    The Beauty Wonk.

  6. September 25, 2018 / 3:41 am

    Charcoal toothpaste? That’s an interesting concept!

    I love the Victoria’s Secret body sprays, but the two closest shops to me do not sell much of the body care in stores. Which scents are your favorites? I love Pure Seduction and Love Spell, but would like to try more in the future.

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