Sniff Sniph! Meet the Most Exciting Fragrance Subscription

Sniff Sniph! Meet the Most Exciting Fragrance Subscription

[Gifted] They say good things come in threes and that’s been the case with my flurry of fragrance subscription reviews. Whilst I’ve enjoyed them all, dare I say that I’ve saved my favourite until last? Meet Sniph, a name you might not have heard of before – and one I certainly hadn’t until the email landed in my inbox inviting me to review. Sniph is a fragrance subscription born in the super stylish Sweden.

Fragrances were probably my first form of beauty collecting, from a young age I had everything from the cheap to the luxurious on my Christmas lists, from Chanel to Paris Hilton – I loved collecting the bottles and since then my love of trialling fragrances has only grown, and it’s one of my favourite things to review.

Sniph allows you to pick from six fragrance collections, three geared towards women and two towards men and a unisex “avant garde” collection for the new and unusual. Each of the collections offer a slightly different vibe, so if you lean towards one type of fragrance over another, you can tailor your fragrance to something that’s most likely to be your cup of tea.

Sniph arrives in a sleek, neat little parcel that’s bundled up nicely to slot through your letterbox. The box has a nice linen texture and the atomiser and perfume sit nestled on a sponge cushion to make sure it lands on your doormat safely and securely. The Vials easily twist in and out, more so than others that I’ve tried, and it would be very easy to swap over with your second, third, fourth…. (I’m sure if could get addictive) monthly deliveries from them. The casing is the sleekest of them all, it’s not bulky and has a sleek soft touch that’s perfect to slip into a handbag or clutch on the go. There is 8ml of perfume each month which should see you through one month to the next, if you were to solely use this fragrance, but if like me – you switch up your fragrances daily, it should give you a good few months of enjoyment in between other favourites in your collection.

The biggest tick on the packaging front for me is that there’s a sticker on the lid with the name of the fragrance, that means you can see easily what fragrance is currently loaded and ready to spritz, and find the next one you want to switch it out for.

The thing I like most about this subscription is that they specialise in finding the more luxurious and more unusual. By that, I don’t mean that they pick high end brands you can find in every department store, they search out indie perfumeries. Quality, unusual & ones that are more difficult to try before you buy.

I decided to opt for the Female Classics collection, they describe this collection as timeless classics with the occasional surprise twist and I think that’s the perfect representation of the fragrance that I received in my first box.

The perfume arrives with a card detailing information about the notes, sophistication level of the notes and description, even a little line drawing of the bottle – it’s got the best detail out of any of the subscriptions I’ve had thus far and I think that if you are a fragrance-o-holic that likes learning about the notes in your collection then you’d really enjoy the information that’s provided alongside of it.

The fragrance that I received first was Gallivant Brooklyn, given the middle of the road rating for complexity is something I’d agree with, it’s not simple one note or one type of note there’s a mixture of notes going on, but it’s not so overwhelming where there’s too much going on. Simple, but interesting.

Floral, Warm and Fruity is a big ask to get right in one perfume blend, but somehow this manages it without being overwhelming. The first note I smell on the first spray is definitely the Magnolia which greets the base note of Amber instantly, the warm and slightly spiced amber note works really well with the magnolia notes which can sometimes I find, date a perfume. The third note is lemon which brings a fresh ozonic vibe to the fragrance, alongside a slight fizziness. The fragrance has been well thought out and it is balanced well. The fragrance is strong and a spray or two at this is all you need for long lasting wear.

I’ve tried to savour this for special occasions more, as I like it that much I want to make sure I’m trying to savour every spritz, but on the few times I have worn this to work I’ve had several compliments and questions about what perfume I’ve been wearing. The sign of a true winner.

I completely get how they’ve categorised this perfume as a classic with the little twist, the magnolia, amber and lemon are such classic notes – but when they are paired together they have taken on a fresh lease of life. Well done Gallivant, this is a gallant effort.

The cost of the subscription is £14 per month so it’s the most expensive that I’ve tried, postage is free. The value for money is good, not the best the value of this particular fragrance calculates at just over £17, however there is something to be said for the box being one that focuses on on more niche perfumes that may be more difficult to sniff and trial in person.

If you would like to subscribe to Sniph use the code RACHAEL5 which will get you £5 off your first box (please note this is an affiliate code).

For fragrance geeks who want the opportunity to trial new and indie fragrance houses, this is the fragrance subscription for you, no questions.

This subscription was gifted in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate Code Listed.


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    This sounds lovely. I like that they give you a description card.
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