Secret Scent Boxes – April & May 2019

Secret Scent Boxes – April & May 2019

[This post contains gifted items] Back in November I tried out My Secret Scent box for the first time and really enjoyed having some vials to put to the test. I was kindly gifted April & May’s boxes and I’m only getting around to posting after my camera has come back from being rebuilt! It’s been killing me to hold onto these and not start spritzing away with the gorgeous new scents that I could see were featured.

For those who did not see my first box, Secret Scent Box sends three vials of perfumes every month alongside cards with details of the notes of the fragrances. They seem to send a selection of different types of fragrances each time which means that there should be something to cater for everyone. Personally, I really enjoy trialling new fragrances and getting a good few days of use out of each of the scents that arrive each month – they’re a way of doing proper wear tests on your skin to check that you like it with your skin’s chemistry and the longevity is good too.

The best part is they’re beautifully packaged so they make a nice little gift for someone, or a treat for yourself, and the boxes they arrive in are the perfect size to slip through any post box. No annoying trips to the sorting office – hooray!

April’s Secret Scent Box

Elizabeth Arden Lavender Green Tea
We’ll get the “bad” one out the way first as my lavender allergy will clearly mean that I have to pass this one on! It’s very rare Lavender is actually found as a note in most mainstream perfumes, but the first time I discovered my lavender allergy was from a perfume I acquired from my Grandma as a child!

To compliment the Lavender middle notes its surrounded by fresh citrus’, mint and warm base notes of amber and musk. I gave a spritz onto something I was about to put into the wash and it has a very fresh scent, not particularly lavender based at all and would make a lovely perfume for spring into summer if you like fresh scents.

Calvin Klein Obsession
This is a perfume I’ve never owned, but one I am very much familiar with as I remember it always being a fragrance my Mum had in her perfume collection as I was growing up. It’s therefore one I would have been unlikely to try on myself as it’s so synonymous to her,

It’s base notes are quite obvious from the first seconds it sits on the skin with amber, musk and vetiver being complimented with spice and mellowed with vanilla notes too. I’ll look forward to trying this – but I can’t help but feel like “Mum” once I do!

Lacoste Pur Femme Elixir
Probably the one I am most exited to trial is this, as it’s a new fragrance for 2019! It describes itself as sophisticated and I agree – it’s an evening perfume with warm smokey florals. It has top notes of pink pepper and mandarin which compliment around Gardenia and Jasmine.

I’ve found this underwhelming when it’s first spritzed, but the notes seem to start leaping off the skin after it’s been on for around five minutes. It’s a nice “evening” scent without being really dark and spicy,

May’s Secret Scent Box

Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds and Sapphires
This is a very fresh floral scent that pairs really well with the peach and melon notes at the top. The brand, the bottle and probably even the notes are something I’d likely cast myself by in a shop as I don’t often pick Lily based perfumes, but the rose, ylang-ylang and freesia all balance well together. Not my favourite in the box, but I really enjoy peach notes and this one comes out the longer its worn,

DKNY Pure Verbena
This is for those who really like fresh and clean scents! I’ve had Verbena body products before from L’Occitane, but not perfume. This has top notes of basil and lemon verbena, middle floras of peony, jasmine and honeysuckle and base notes of amber, seaweed and vetiver.

Again, not something I’d normally opt for – but it’s a lovely fresh fragrance for summer days and I think this would actually be one I’d get a lot of use from if I had it in my collection. The Pure range from DKNY strive to be economically and socially responsible which is good to know!

Armani In Love with You
The new release in this month’s box is this one from Armani – I’ve been an admirer of Because of You from the same range so I’m happy to have a sister fragrance to try out. This one is very fruity which strong rich berry notes of blackcurrant, cherry and raspberry at the forefront, with floral mid and base notes of Rose, Jasmine and Patchouli.

I can already sense that I think this one will be my favourite from these six fragrances, but I’ll reserve making that call for now and update you on the hits-and-misses as they come up in my empties!

If you’d like to subscribe you can find Secret Scent Box here, monthly deliveries are £15.00 (there are longer prepaid 6 and 12 month subscriptions available) and include free delivery to anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Have you discovered Secret Scent Box yet?

This post was kindly sponsored by Secret Scent Box. Thoughts and Experiences are honest and based on my experience with the products.


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  1. May 20, 2019 / 10:53 am

    The idea behind perfume subscriptions boxes is genius, you can sample lots of different fragrances including ones you may not think you’d like and probably end up discovering some really lovely new scents! Do you get repeat scents or can you ask for repeat scents?

    • May 20, 2019 / 11:08 am

      I believe this subscription never does repeats! It’s good as there’s ones I’ve liked and then discovered it doesn’t work with my skin chemistry – this is a great way of testing them out!

  2. jenniferpickering22gmailcom
    May 20, 2019 / 1:19 pm

    These sound so nice! I love the idea of getting mini perfumes to try out.
    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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