Pure Instant Radiance Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

Pure Instant Radiance Hot Cloth Cleanser

It’s been a good while since I cracked open a new cleanser as I’ve been working on so many half used ones to try and finish up, but I’ve been suffering so badly with breakouts over the past few months that I decided it was time to visit my stash and find something entirely different to what I’m currently using to try and get my skin back on track and I ended up digging out the Pure Instant Radiance Hot Cloth Cleanser.The three cleansers that had been on the go since Christmas had all been gel based – so a creamy hot cloth cleanser seemed like a great alternative base to the rest. Whilst I’m a firm believer that sometimes your hair/skin etc at some points and end up just needing a change; in this case I was convinced that these had never been properly working for me.

Pure is a M&S own brand cleanser and this is a tube that I got in their 2016 Summer Beauty Box (that show’s just how overloaded my cleanser stash has been that I haven’t managed to open this in nearly two years!).

When it comes to creamy hot cloth cleansers, Liz Earle is a long-term favourite of mine and is always my benchmark for comparison. That’s a product that I used a lot pre-blogging and since blogging and the need to always try something new meant it never became a product I regularly came back to. That being said I did retry it in a Revisiting Old Favourites #TBT in the middle of last year.


The first thing that hit me about this was the scent of this was just as spa like as Liz Earle is, but with a different kind of fragrance – instead of Rosemary and Eucalyptus, the Pure cleanser uses Camelina Oil, Starflower Oil, Chamomile, Geranium and Petitgrain (an essential oil made from bark and leaves from bitter orange trees). Each ingredient of course baring their own benefits for the skin.

  • Petitgrain – A mild antiseptic, reduce traces of acne, maintain oil moisture
  • Geranium – Tightening, anti-ageing, tackles acne
  • Chamomile – Anti-inflammatory & calming, anti-bacterial, rich in antioxidants
  • Starflower Oil – Anti-ageing, rich in fatty acids,
  • Camelina Oil – Moisturising, protects against free-radical damage, rich in vitamin E & omega oils.

Pure Instant Radiance Hot Cloth Cleanser comes out of the tube as a creamy lotion as you’d expect but the consistency of it feels a bit wetter and a bit less stiff than ol’ Liz Earle. Once applied to the skin it feels less creamy and more balmy and soon as you start to massage it into the skin the additional essential oils don’t go unnoticed in the formula as it has more slip on the skin and it feels very much like it sits somewhere between a balm and a cream cleanser on the skin.

Pure Instant Radiance Hot Cloth Cleanser review

Massaging over the skin it feels luxurious and moisturising whilst still remaining thin. Makeup is broken down easily thanks to the combination of cream and oils, it rinses away easily and once the skin is dry it feels clean, slightly tightened and refreshed and with a lovely moisturised and soft texture left behind. Over the past month or so of using this pretty much daily my skin has cleaned up massively and is looking so much better, I’ve not had a single spot where before I was getting new a new one pop up every few days, so whilst it seems to be working a few skin miracles at the moment – dare I say that even overall I prefer this to the iconic Cleanse and Polish? I prefer the texture as I find it easier to work with and I think the ingredients of the Pure Instant Radiance Hot Cloth Cleanser just agree with my skin a whole lot more.

This is at a good price point at £10 for 200ml and comes in a pump bottle with a Muslin cloth too – at the moment you can get it for free when you purchase one of the metal tubed masks from the Pure line (£12 each) too by adding both items to the cart! A mask and a cleanser isn’t a bad deal for £12 and had I not have just been sent all of those masks I’d certainly be stocking up!

You can find the product available on the website here and the masks if you want to take advantage of here.

Have you tried the Pure Instant Radiance Hot Cloth Cleanser?

Whilst I do get sent products from M&S time to time, this is not one of them!

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  1. April 18, 2018 / 7:55 am

    Oh this sounds great ! I’m using an Emma Hardy cleanser and just don’t like it at all.. this might be one worth popping in my basket, especially for the day it’s on! ❤️

  2. Natalya Amour
    April 19, 2018 / 6:19 am

    This sounds really awesome! I live how sleek the packaging is.

    Candice |

  3. kabukirune
    May 22, 2018 / 6:51 pm

    This looks great!

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