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A few months ago I listed a whole heap of skin, hair and makeup that I was trying my best to get rid of and gone. For the most part I’ve managed to get them gone and used. I found making a public commitment to declaring that I wanted this stuff gone actually kept me on track for trying to use it up. There have been a few lingering products in this updated edition.

Unlike the last post where I separated them into three separate posts, I had a lot of haircare, skincare and makeup – worthy of splitting. Now I’ve done so fabulously well at using stuff up (if I do say so myself) I’ve actually found myself beginning a lot of products fresh so I’ve squeezed them all into one post this time!

I’ll start with the products that didn’t quite make the finishing line from the last lot!

Sleek Blush By Three Lace Palette


The Sleek Blush By 3 palette in Lace, you can see here that there’s really only one shade here that I’m using (and that was always the case) the other two are far to pigmented for my taste so I’ve been trying to finish it up. I’m so close now, I’ve used it so close and there’s barely any noticeable progress! I think the reason I didn’t finish up either of the blushes as I was splitting my effort between the two. You can see how much progress I’ve made from April below.

Sleek Contour Kit


I was never really aiming to finish the bronzer side of this, but somehow I’ve gone from not even being close to seeing pan, to seeing a lot of pan! The highlight side is so close to the end, I’ve seriously basically not used much else over the past few months, on a daily basis this is what I’ve been reaching for. Progress from below!

Estee Lauder Peach Nuance Blush


My all time favourite and discontinued blush has made a little more progress. I think looking at how much the size of the visible pan hole has grown, it looks like I’ve not used it that much – where in fact I’d barely touched the sides at all. I’ve stopped travelling with this as I imagine it’s close to shattering. And I’ve now found a new version of it in Estee Lauder’s line so I have no quarms about getting it gone!

Fudge Crisp Pear and Vanilla Dry Shampoo


Reviewed this here – and have basically not used it much since. I can’t bring myself to reach for it very often as it leaves residue in my hair and compared to others I have to hand it’s the one I don’t reach for. I should try to use it up on days where I’m just mulling around the house or where I’m not 100% bothered about my hair looking absolutely perfect. I refuse to chuck it though, it will be used up and finished some how.

NYX On The Spot Brush Cleaner


Another relatively recent purchase, and another one which disappointed me. This just does a rubbish job in all honesty, you can read my review on it here. Just want it out of my life and something better in it’s place, it doesn’t make spot cleaning brushes as easy as it’s meant to be, and ultimately it doesn’t leave them clean enough either!

TheBalm Schwing Eyeliner


I’ve had this since November time and you can tell how much it’s been loved. It’s showing no signs of drying up but I have noticed that it’s starting to not perform as well as it did when I first got it and tends to start smudging in my crease after about 5 hours. I want to get every last usable drop of it before I admit that it’s time to start my new one as I’m doubting it will dry up before it becomes a true empty. Review of Schwing here if you’re interested in hearing more.

Givenchy Couture Lash Mascara


You’ll know if you’re a regular reader I’m not the biggest user of mascara any more due to having lash extensions on most of the time. I’ve got a bit of a stop gap between my next appointment where I’m extension free for a few weeks so plan to plough through as many mascara reviews as I can, and try and use this sample size up as it’s been open the longest. Already reviewed this here, and actually, I like it a whole lot better now I’m totally extension free (rather than the 90% extension free like I was in my review), they look a lot neater.

Elf Tone Adjusting Primer


I bought this in New York, it’s my first experience with ELF makeup and boy am I disappointed. This just doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t adjust tone, it doesn’t seem to make any significant difference in how long makeup wears and the texture is really weird. I won’t bang on about this too much as I already reviewed it here, but I’m desperate to see the back of it. I have much more exciting primers in my collection that I prefer a hundred times more!

New Look Pure Colour Concealer


I feel like I’ve been using this so much prior to writing this up but it seems to keep going and going. I’ve never gotten around to reviewing this as I only ever wear it for a short space of time and have never given it the opportuity to do a full day’s wear. I picked this up as an emergency on route to new york as I hadn’t packed one with me, overall its an okay mascara, but not my favourite!

Ted Baker Hand Cream


This is the only skincare item in this edition of stuff I’m trying to use up. Whilst this has been used a few times I’ve made no real effort in trying to finish it. I’m not sure why as I’m normally insanely religious about handcream but I seem to have stopped using it all summer. I hope by including it, it will get me back into using them more frequently again and give my cuticles some loving! The Ted Baker body line is a bit disappointing, I got a few items in a set at Christmas, the scent on them is so weak and for a premium high street brand I think they’re not great products and doing damage to their brand IMO!

MAC Sunbasque Bronzer


This was the first makeup product that I bought from MAC after seeing Pixiwoo use it in a tutorial (when they had about 3000 subscribers). That goes to tell you how old it is! I don’t dislike this, but I’m not a big user of shimmering bronzer, I’ve tried making an effort to use it up a bit this summer and have now hit pan on it – but I do feel like I’m semi forcing myself every time I use it. I think when it gets to the end of our summer this year (could be a week, could be October in the UK, who knows) I’ll probably put this into my back to MAC pile. I don’t think it’s got another year’s shelf life in it!

Vivienne Westwood Let It Rock Perfume


Lastly fragrance, I never included any in my last editions! I loved this when I first bought it but it’s not really my taste as much as it used to be. This has sat in my cupboard for the best part of a year totally untouched (don’t worry it’s not gone bad!), I think now we’ll be coming into Autumn this will be a good one to crack out as it’s deeper and spicier. I can’t see this one being the one I go strictly daily, but I think if I can use it a few times a week I can hopefully get it out of my collection by Christmas.

So those are the products that I’m committed to using up, let me know any products you’re desperate to see the back of from your collection in the comments!


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  1. August 22, 2016 / 8:51 am

    Awesome! I challenged myself too to empty some stuff by december. Nice progress you made there x

  2. August 22, 2016 / 5:24 pm

    I remember seeing the ELF primer on Tati’s channel and how much she hated it too… Peek-a-boo I see you and your camera Rachael! Hahaha! HI!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. August 22, 2016 / 5:40 pm

    It’s always surprising to me how much product is left even with that much pan showing (in the case of the Sleek Blush By Three Lace Palette center pan). Just get done already – I say to the pan…
    Ha, I can see how well loved that TheBalm Schwing Eyeliner is!
    On the Elf primer that you didn’t like – don’t you get to the point where you just don’t even want to use it anymore and toss it unused? I get to the point where I think, life is too short to be wasting my time on stuff that I don’t like…

    • August 22, 2016 / 6:03 pm

      I hate being wasteful! I may give it another month before deciding to sling it, but I was thinking the same thing when i was writing this up!
      I did kind of think that is used loads of the sleek because of how much I’ve used it, and when I got the other picture out I was like how is it only that much different!

      • August 22, 2016 / 6:24 pm

        Eh, wasteful is when companies release crappy products! 😛

  4. WineAndWhine
    August 22, 2016 / 9:16 pm

    All of the Fudge Urban products i have used i just found really sticky which is weird, so i stay away from them now x

  5. August 25, 2016 / 6:10 pm

    That EL ombre blush…swoon!

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