Products I’m Trying to Use Up – Winter 2019

Products I’m Trying to Use Up – Winter 2019

When the new year rolls around I always think of it as Spring, but in reality it’s Winter and I have to remind myself that Spring doesn’t arrive to March. So Welcome to my Winter beauty use up list. I’ve been doing these Project Pan style posts for the past couple of years where every season I pick a bunch of products I’m trying to finish up.


Makeup Forever Radiant Primer

This has been my primer for months, and I still feel like it’s only half full. It’s definitely not my most favourite primer that I’ve tried and I purchased this as I love the MUFE Blurring Primer. This has a slight blue tinge and is very thin and spreads so far (hence why it’s taking an age to finish!), but it balances out redness quite well on the skin, however it’s not my favourite thing to apply makeup on top of.

WetNWild Photofocus Foundaton (review)

This is a foundation I’m trying to use up as my daily foundation – I love the finish that it gives but it’s not the most suited for me for all day wear as I don’t think it lasts the best on oily skin. I have been using this for the past 6 weeks or so as my day-to-day already and I think I should be finished in the next month or so as I’m around half way through.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (review)

Just as I keep thinking that this must be coming to the end it gives me another weeks worth of use. I like this concealer but I don’t think it’s a holy grail as many do. The one thing I don’t like is that the applicator fails to pick up much product so I ended up having to go in and out about 6 times to be able to concealer over my eyes. I am determined to get this finished up!

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer

I’ve only just cycled this into my drawer as I occasionally use concealer for cut creases and the NARS one just doesn’t pick up enough product to have enough pigmentation in it to do the job. Seventeen is a discontinued line now and I picked these up as people were raving about this concealer and were sad about it’s demise – so I’m hoping this won’t become a product that we miss.

Lancome La Sourcil Brow Pencil

This is my current brow pencil of choice and has been my go-to for a good few months. I’m getting close to finishing up the brow side of the pencil, but the dual ended brightening end I use very infrequently. It’s got quite a waxy texture so I prefer to use concealer if I’m wanting to add extra definition around the brow. I may give up on trying to finish that up when I finish the brow pencil, but I’ll try and use it more often until that point.

MAC Sunbasque Blush

This has featured so many times in my use ups, and this should finally be the last time – it’s so close to the end. This is a blusher but it’s more of a shimmery bronzer. It was the second product I ever purchased from MAC which tells you that at this point, it’s around 8 years old and it’s still absolutely fine. I’d be tempted to repurchase this again in future as it’s such a good product if you’re in a rush to give you a blush flush on the cheeks but also a bronzed glow. I particularly loved this over summer but I will continue to use this until it’s finished now as it’s so close!

M&S Autograph Shine Defence Pressed Powder

I have to say that this is probably the only beauty product I’ve tried from M&S and not particularly liked. I was hoping this would be good for oily skin (given the name!) but sadly it doesn’t exactly deliver on it’s promises. It’s a little bit on the dark side for me, but I’m determined to get it finished so I usually balance it out alongside some lighter more brightening powders too.

ABH Contour Pan in Fawn

Previously I was trying to finish up the banana powder too, but as you can see in the last week I’ve completed that side – so I’ve now just got the contour powder to finish. This is difficult to use I have to say – it seems to be so hard pressed that I have to swirl it around and round. Given I used this the same time I used the banana powder as I used them as a duo (and I wouldn’t say that the placement size area was really any different!) I’m surprised I haven’t hit pan and seem to still be ages away from it. I hope as we reach spring I will have at least seen pan if it’s not finished!


REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask (Review)

This is a fantastic brightening mask that makes an instant difference to my complexion, I want to finish this up as it has a short shelf life (9 months). I was in a really good routine of using this a few times a week when I got home before we moved, but since we’ve been in our new house I’ve just been forgetting. I’m going to put it somewhere more prominent so I remember to use it when I get in as it would be a shame for it to go to waste as it’s fantastic! I’ve heard from friends who have this that it does actually turn (you can tell from how long I’ve had that MAC powder, I’m not one to really listen to shelf life advise normally).

Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask (Review)

This was recently featured in my 2018 Beauty Favourites, and don’t get me wrong I’ll be sad to see this finished, but I’d be so-so pleased if I actually finished up a full size mask. This is a great hydrating face mask that I use up to three times a week in place of a night cream when my skin is either feeling a bit parched or if I’m at home it’s good to use whilst getting jobs done too! I had a question recently about who I think this is good for in terms of skin type – and I think everyone, my friend who has dry skin loves this, and I’m oily but dehydrated and my skin loves this. It’s great for a dose of moisture and I think this mask has probably been used 40 times so far, so offers great value for money!

My Little Beauty Energising Mist

One of the few products I’ve got remaining from my My Little Box subscription days, I used up most of my skin mists last year and this is one of the few that I have left. This is about half full and has a refreshing citrus scent. I normally use these after I’ve cleansed and before I put on any skincare – again it’s been a routine that I seem to have gotten out of and it would be nice to finish this one off.

Filogra Time Filler Eyes

I’ve not got around to reviewing this yet but I plan to write this up over the next few weeks as it’s a super pricey eye cream I’ve been trying out for a few months. I’ve been semi-lazy about using an eye cream over Christmas so I hope devoting myself to this will help me get back into routine and also make sure it doesn’t go to waste.


The Body Shop White Musk Libertine (Review)

This is a perfume which seemed to go in and out of availability at The Body Shop and it seems as if it may be gone for good as I’ve not seen it make a return. I have two bottles of this in the 100ml size and it’s time to admit that I should try and finish up one so this has been moved to my most used perfume area to use it up as my daily perfume. This is a lovely floral perfume that layers well with others but is also nice by itself.


Salon Science Reglosse Smoothing Serum (Review)

I’ve got another hair oil which I’ve been trying to finish off which I think has got one or two uses left (so I didn’t bother include that) but this is going to be my next victim for finishing up. Unusually I don’t have a huge pile of haircare I’m trying to declutter as I did a pretty decent job last year of finishing off. I either use an oil or a serum – both I find make my hair heavy and doesn’t hold a style. This is a lovely serum I was sent a couple of years ago but haven’t got around to finishing up. This is great on wet hair to smooth out frizz and add shine, but it’s also great on freshly curled hair to add shine and break up the curls to make it look more natural.

So that’s it, my use up list for this season, I’m hoping that some of these will have at least hit my empties pile since Spring. Are there products that you’re trying to finish up this Winter?

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  1. January 7, 2019 / 6:26 am

    I’m close to finishing a couple of face masks and I’d consider trying the Origins one. I have one mask with clay which I tend to use once a week and another gentler mask with honey and oats I use twice a week. Yay for finishing up that MAC blush, that’s an achievement!

  2. January 7, 2019 / 7:56 am

    I used to like that Wet N Wild foundation, but the last time I bought it, I got my usual shade and it was darker than the first 2 bottles I used. I even still had an old bottle I had just finished of the same shade, and I swatched them side by side to make sure I wasn’t crazy…. and the newer bottle was darker. The formula seemed different too and not as good as it was. So I ended up returning it.

    • January 7, 2019 / 12:34 pm

      Oh that’s annoying – I’ve had the same thing from Rimmel in the past with their concealers always being a slightly different tone to the past.

  3. Sivylla Vassiadi
    January 7, 2019 / 1:01 pm

    Great recommendations! I have the exact same mask from the body shop! Thanks for sharing! Will you check out my latest blog post and let me know what you think?

  4. January 8, 2019 / 12:56 am

    Good luck with finishing these products! You’re SOOOOO close to finishing that Sunbasque blush!
    I’m going to clear out some perfumes that I don’t reach for anymore and The Body Shop White Musk Libertine is one of them. It just doesn’t smell as nice as the body mist on me. I’ll keep the body mist and declutter the EDT.
    I’m trying to finish up a Cargo HD pressed powder – it’s one of my favourites but I’ve neglected it during the summer months when I was reaching for my loose powders more often.
    I’ve also got a rotation of deluxe sized samples of a Vichy cream and the Origins Night-A-Mins creams for night time. They’re both 30ml jars which are quite substantial.

  5. world of happiness_x
    January 8, 2019 / 12:14 pm

    Lovely products to use! I’ve not tried any of them x

  6. January 8, 2019 / 11:23 pm

    I’m like the only one that likes the fact that the applicator on NARS concealer doesn’t pick up that much product as i only need just the tiniest bit. Have you tried the matte one yet?

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