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I saw post on Pixi’s instagram to say they we’re having an up to 70% off sale, having never dipped my toe into their line before, I decided it was a good time to just have a quick look at what they had in their sale, and I was pleasantly surprised.


All of these items were in the sale, and being so cheap I’d imagine that they’re being discontinued, so there’s probably limited quantities. You’ll have to go go go if you’re interested in buying any!

Lid Last Shadow Pens – Gilded mink & GENTLE GOLD

(£3.60 reduced from £12)


I’d put a similar product from Kiko into my last beauty lust list, and these were 2 very similar shades that I was hoping to get. Whilst I love the one that I have from Kiko, this is cheaper in the sale – and they were very well reviewed on their website too!

All Over Magic in BARE RADIANCE

(£4.20 REDUCED FROM £14)


I used to have a product similar to this which I finished off last year, I thought this was more of a blush/highlighter 2 in 1 type product, but it is more of a highlighter, which is fine as I haven’t got any single highlighters in my collection which I love -meaning it will be good for travel!

Fairy Light Solo IN Bronze Beam

(£3 REDUCED FROM £10.50)


This reminded me a lot of one of my favourite eye shadows – Smog from Urban Decay, why do I need another I hear you ask?, well that one’s in a big chunky palette, so this is handy for holidays etc. See there’s a reason even when there shouldn’t be one!


(£3 REDUCED FROM £12.00)


I picked this up because I don’t have any shades like this in my collection, it reminds me of a pink version of NARS’ Sin which I love. Again another small packaged product which is a good size for minimal travel!

Eyeshadow Swatches

Left To Right: Gentle Gold, Gilded Mink, Bronze Beam

Pixi also have a really great loyalty points program to spend on future purchases too. If you want to sign up to become a VIP (you earn 250 points for just creating an account to become a VIP) or buy anything – if you could use my referral code that would be great! My Referral link


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  1. June 4, 2015 / 8:55 am

    Woah they’re amazing discounts! That’s crazy haha!
    Thanks for following my blog πŸ™‚ x

    • June 4, 2015 / 10:12 am

      I mean how can you resist with silly prices like that! Thanks for following back – looking forward to reading your posts πŸ™‚ xx

  2. June 4, 2015 / 3:12 pm

    Ooooh ALL of these look so pretty! I really like the pixi things I’ve tried so far – too bad the brand has disappeared from Canada now that Target Canada closed up shop here. I also like their iconic light green packaging – they stand out amongst my sea of black compacts!
    Great deals on these… and you can never have enough bronzey eye shadows! πŸ˜›

    • June 4, 2015 / 3:16 pm

      I love the green – as much as I love black its much easier to find something if brands had different colours! Nope never too many, although my full eyeshadow drawer might disagree! X

  3. plus+beauty27
    June 4, 2015 / 8:38 pm

    Everything looks gorgeous! What a great deal you got! πŸ™‚ xo

  4. Karen Rees
    June 4, 2015 / 9:23 pm

    Ooooh these look amazing Rachael – what great prices!!!! Bargain hunter gallore πŸ˜‰ go girl!!! Karen xo

  5. June 5, 2015 / 2:44 am

    Those shadows look beautiful! Totally something I’d wear. I’ve gotten a few products from them in my ipsy but I haven’t used them much. One of them was a lip balm type thing and the other was bronzer. I’ve heard good things though!

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