Organic Surge 2 Minute Hair Mask Review

I’ve always had a rocky relationship with organic surge, some products either work really well for me, some don’t work at all. I haven’t had any hair masks in my collection for a few months so when I spotted this organic surge 2 minute moisture mask in tk maxx at the beginning of last month decided to give it a try as it was only £2.99.

This hair mask does everything that I wanted it to. My hair feel softer and more nourished after using, and I like that you don’t need to leave it on too long – as i always feel impatient in the shower and if i have to wait more than 2 minutes it will rarely stay on past that mark.

To consistency is quite thick, but works through wet hair easily. It does have a slight coconut scent but it’s very subtle, and Importantly it does make my hair easier to brush through afterwards. Overall I really like this mask, however the normal retail price of £7.50 feels a little steep.

Whilst I like everything about it, I don’t really find it all that different to any normal drugstore ones, such a tresseme or herbal essences – and the price is a little bit more pricey than what you would pay for those. If I was to see this again in tk maxx for the same kind of price I would pick it up again but otherwise I would choose something else, especially as i do seem to be whizzing through it quite quickly as it’s now almost empty.


The only additional benefit that I would say that this has is that it is almost 100% natural, so if you do like to opt for organic and natural haircare, and are probably used to paying a little extra, then this is probably quite reasonably priced.

What are your favourite hair masks?


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