OFRA Liquid Lipsticks & NARS TK Maxx Finds Haul

Last year you would have seen me banging on about the OFRA Liquid Lipsticks throughout the summer, I was lucky enough to get my hands on some in Love Me Beauty Boxes and they’re what converted me to liquid lipsticks and I think to date they’re still my favourite formula, mildly beating the NYX Soft Lip Creams.

Top to Bottom: Staten Island, Malibu, Cocos Island, Manhattan

Whilst I loved these I couldn’t actually purchase any more, so I was stuck with 4 shades that I got in the box as they didn’t ship to the UK. A few weeks ago I realised they updated they’re website to when I was looking at it almost a year ago, and following seeing a whopping 40% off discount code that Chris posted as part of her ipsy box contents, I thought I’d try my look and see if it worked in the UK (I was wholeheartedly set for it not to work as I thought, well I’m clearly not an Ipsy subscriber if I’m based in the UK) but I squealed with delight when it did work. At $19.90 each this makes them a whole lot more affordable with 40% off making them $11.94 each (roughly £8)

If you do want to order from OFRA UK Shipping for me was $13.95 – so 4 liquid lipsticks were in the region of $60 including delivery (approx £40) so not all that bad, it’s worth trying the discount code IPSYOFRA which at the time of writing does still work. delivery time was excellent I think it said 2-4 weeks but arrived in 10 days ahead of schedule, and I paid no customs on top either. On to the shades I picked out…

Manhattan – the way the ofra website is laid out means that you only see the shade once you’ve clicked on the colour. Whilst In New York we stayed exclusively on Manhattan as we didn’t have enough time to venture out to other areas as I would have liked, Staten Island, Coney Island and the Bronx – I’ll see ya next time. So whilst this was partially a dedication to my lovely time in New York once I saw the shade I was equally as influenced by that! Now I have it home and swatched, it reminds me of a more Purple version of Sephora’s Marvellous Mauve which I still haven’t gotten around to reviewing but wear a few times a week, I’ll have to put them side by side to compare when I review either of them.

Staten Island whilst I didn’t visit it (but really wanted to as I LOVE the Impractical Jokers and wanted to visit purely for that reason!) but this has been a shade that I’ve been trying to find in any brand for quite a while. A real on trend light brown nude that I’ve been wanting to try and haven’t been able to find anything that wasn’t super expensive to try out, fingers crossed this suits me, my friends have a theory every lip colour suits me, but I’m not sure if this one will do!

Cocos Island  which is a lovely peach based coral, I don’t have any shades like this at all that I can think of, let alone in Liquid form. Again a shade that I hope will suit me but my first try of this tone on my lips – I love this kind of shade as a blush so fingers crossed it will also be a shade that works in lipstick form.

Lastly I picked up Malibu which is a lovely not quite pink – not quite purple shade. This reminded me a lot of a slightly brighter version of my favourite ever lipstick ‘Spitfire’ which was from the Wonder Woman collection from MAC and I lost it (I say a little prayer for it every now and again, RIP little one you’re forever in my heart). I thought this would be the perfect shade for summer, bright and unlike anything else I have in my collection. In the tube this has a little bit of sparkle which translates slightly in the swatch but not as significant as it looked like it might. Very pretty and perfect for spring.

Top Left: Manhattan Top Right: Cocos Island Bottom Left: Malibu Bottom Right: Staten Island

You can see my past reviews of OFRA liquid Lipsticks by clicking here, I have the shades Hollywood, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach and Palm Beach – I will say OFRA have upgraded their packaging since these last 4, almost all the writing has rubbed off as they truly became handbag staples. The quality of these seems much nicer and less likely to get worn away!


Now I know, I know I was aiming to buy no makeup this month to make up for last months diabolical attempt on my behalf to stick to spending under £25. Now I deserve a medal as the TK Maxx I was in had bloody hourglass products in it and I put them alllll back down. I couldn’t resist these two NARS polishes though having never tried NARS before, at at a mere £2.49 each I couldn’t say no. Libertango is a gorgeous firey terracotta orange that should be perfect coming into summer – I just can’t stay away from orange when the sunshine comes out and I’m sure this will get a load of wear. Secondly I picked up the shade Sherwood which was a limited edition shade from the 2014 Christmas collection, which depending on the light can look sometimes more plummy, sometimes more taupey. They also had the Orgasm Polish which was tempting, but I just didn’t like how it looked in the bottle, it looked thin and watery and like it would have needed 10 coats to look nice so I ditched that one somewhere near the Pet aisle!

Are you a liquid lipstick lover or hater? Let me know your favourites and brands I should skip in the comments!


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  1. May 13, 2016 / 12:02 pm

    All the swatches were gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️

  2. May 13, 2016 / 3:39 pm

    I’m going to get the Manny MUA shades when they are released! I CANT WAIT

  3. May 13, 2016 / 8:55 pm

    Glad you were able to get your hands on more of these! I still think Ofra sounds like a plant fertilizer. 😛
    Cocos Island looks really nice for summer – you can totally mix that shade with Staten Island to mute it.
    £2.49 for Nars polishes! I’ve scored Nars polishes at Winners (our TK Maxx) and it was around $10 as I recall. I do have the Orgasm nail polish and it’s totally “MEH” – sheer and very frosty. I don’t like the blush so I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought the nail polish.
    Which Hourglass products did you find?! You have good resolve. I found some awesome stuff at Winners recently too – Burberry and Armani makeup!

    • May 13, 2016 / 10:14 pm

      I’ve not found Burberry since that one time I scored some nail polishes! They had loads more quo orly bits when I went in at lunch today but didn’t buy any more 😇 they had a bunch of lip products there was one particularly nice gloss but I ended up leaving it.
      Orgasms a bright peachy pink and I don’t get why it was so pale compared to the blush, defo glad I left it now!
      Yeah I dunno what ofra stands for or means but it doesn’t sound cosmetic to me, sounds more disease like 😬
      Cocos is the only one I’ve worn so far and it is really pretty!

  4. May 25, 2016 / 2:10 am

    Well I wasn’t going to get Malibu but now I might need to get it!! Do you think it compares to the MAC shade we were talking about? xx

    • I think they’re in the same family, but this one has the slightest purple tinge where the Mac one is a true pink… Probably wouldn’t need both but I haven’t tried on my lips yet… I’ll reserve judgement and get back to you hopefully next week, got a week off work and it’ll be lip swatch central!

  5. Anne
    May 25, 2016 / 9:37 am

    Great deal on the lippies. Love the colors.
    Can’t believe you managed to put hourglass products back down: respect.
    xo Anne

    • Had it of been anything other than glosses I think I would have struggled, I don’t wear gloss that often and have literally about 40 lip products unused in a bag to review!

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