Nailberry Raspberry Swatch and Review

   Received in by first subscription to Love Me Beauty, I was super excited to try this brand. Nailberry is definitely the new kid on the block in the nail world. I’ve heard a lot about them without actually seeing any reviews. So when these were in the box it took all my strength to not just order a box full of these instead of a selection of products, so I stuck with just 2 to allow me to get just a couple of other bits.


Nailberry is a 4 free formulation, not something I particularly feel the need to actively seek out in every nail polish I buy, however when a polish doesn’t have these things it is certainly a nice plus for the product/brand. 4 free means 4 free nail polish, No Formaldehyde, No Toluene, No DBP and Camphor. It is also cruelty free, so no testing on animals, which as a beagle owner (usually the type of dog used in animal testing) makes me very happy.

The bottle is also very generously sized (15ml), whilst I don’t own any the size/shape of these reminds me very much of the American Apparel polishes. Now I thought these would be much larger than OPI’s but they’re actually the same size. Deceptive packaging! One thing I did find a bit fiddly on first go was because of the size of the bottle, it has a really long brush, which was a little hard to control at first, but after the first coat I’d got used to it.

So onto the the review of Nailberry’s Raspberry Polish itself, For years I have been seeking the perfect raspberry shade, I’ve found ones which are perfect in colour, which are let down in the formulation or how long it stays on.  I thought this one was going to be perfect from online, but does edge slightly more to the pink than the red side than I would like, it’s still a pretty shade and in evening/darker light it is much more the colour I’ve been searching for, but I don’t really care what my nails look like in the dark!

In natural – english grey winter skies – sunlight

The formulation of this is amazing, I did use 2 coats, but it was opaque in 1, in the swatches here it’s been featured with no topcoat, so it’s super glossy all on it’s own. Plus it lasts amazingly well – I had this on for 5 days before it chipped, and I put my nails through hell.

In un-natural light/indoors

Which leaves me thinking, what’s the point in polishes not being 4 free? If we can avoid harmful chemicals without getting a crap performing nail polish, why aren’t all polishes like this?

The only downside of these is the price these are £13.50-£14.50 each, which is as much as designer brands such as burberry (best nail polish formulation I’ve tried to date), and much more than brands like OPI. I’ve had a little browse of the Nailberry website, and there’s some colours which I own nothing similar to, so I am tempted to fill some gaps in my collection – but I think that’s the only reason I would spend £14.50 on these, I don’t think I could justify buying these for a red which I could get anywhere.

Expect a review of the second Nailberry polish that I also picked up with my love me beauty box very soon, as that’s the next manicure that I have lined up to go on.

Have you tried Nailberry?


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