March 2022 Empties

March 2022 Empties

Towards the end of March 2021, my empties box was almost starting to overflow, this has been a very heavy month on finishing up haircare, and I had a few more bottles in my shower that were close to making it this month too. We’ll jump right in as there’s 18 empties to run through and as I have been all year I’ll be talking you through my favourites and worst of the month.

March 2022 Empties - Worst of the Month

Worst Empties of the Month

Milk Makeup Micellar Gel
I bought this a few years ago when Milk first started appearing in the UK in TK Maxx stores, and I’ve been using this in place of a micellar water since August 2020. This just was icky to use, it had a sticky feeling formula and left a slight residue behind, not only that but it was actually awful at removing makeup, particularly eye makeup. The packaging looked appealing with a flat pump top, but in reality the product was too thick and I was having to scoop it out onto cotton pads using the tube inside.
Repurchase? Thankfully, this awful product has been discontinued but I literally have no idea how I tolerated this for so long. Truly. Rubbish.

Method Sweet Coconut Hand Wash
This isn’t necessarily the worst product in the world, but it’s been by my kitchen sink for literally years and it got to the point where I was literally sick to the sight of seeing it. I remember buying it right at the start of the pandemic in handwashing frenzy times, and this foaming formula went so far! The scent was a little boring and very light, which I think in turn contributed towards me being bored of looking at it daily.
Repurchase? Ultimately I’d begrudgingly use it if I had it again, but I’d much prefer a prettier bottle to look at in my kitchen!

Best Empties of the Month

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara
It’s very rare that I try a mascara and want to repurchase it – I love trying new ones out for reviews, but this mini impressed me so much I purchased the full size as I really wanted to give it the full trial. I was getting close to finishing this a while ago and decided to save the last few uses of it to go in my travel makeup bag and finally finished it this month. Super Black, holds curl well and builds fluffy volume. It lasts really well on the eye and I found it held up well in warmer weather in Rome too (although it wasn’t super hot but warm spring days), it gave me faith it would hold up well in summer.
Repurchase? Already did and using the mascara still every day!
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RCMA No Colour Powder
I say this is a best empty with a little bit of haste, I used this from January 2020 into March as the only loose powder I owned, it was a long slog to finish in my project pan, and by the end I was ready to see it finished – however, it is a really good powder – the packaging isn’t my favourite and I kept an old powder pot to decant into bit by bit, but if you want a really good value powder – I don’t think this one can be argued with!
Repurchase? Maybe in future, I have a few powders on my hit list to try next though.

Easilocks Rose Gold Hair Oil
This was another project pan product, and a deluxe size of this hair oil. It lasted really well for the size and I used it every time I washed my hair and also enjoyed it for styling curls too. The formula smelt nice but was lightweight and non greasy and found it added really nice shine and seemed to help care for my very damaged ends.
Repurchase? I have a lot of hair oils to get through but this is something I am making a mental note of for future as I did really enjoy it!

L’Oreal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water (x3)
I know, please don’t judge me for my L’Oreal Use. Around a month ago I felt like my hair was super close to falling out completely, it was very broken, very damaged and every time I brushed my hair I was losing hair on mass from previous bleach damage done at an old hairdresser. I trialled this when it first launched and the hype around it is real but the biggest thing I noticed is how easy it made my hair to brush through after washing and it was just what my hair needed to make it more manageable and see less breakage.
Repurchase? I’ve been to a new hairdressers and my hair issues seem to be getting a bit better, but it is a product I would rely on in future as an immediate hair saviour.
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Matrix Mega Sleek Iron Smoother
I wrote up an end of year favourites which never got published, but this was one of the products inside. I was gifted some products by Matrix and was super impressed and wanted to try out more and explored their line. This is an excellent heat protector that also adds shine and did an excellent job of smoothing broken fly aways too working great on wet and dry hair.
Repurchase? I will do – Matrix’s availability is a little less easy to get so when I next place a look fantastic order I will grab another, but for now I am happily using another heat protector.

Dolce and Gabanna The Only One 30ml
I’m surprised how long this stayed in my collection for for a 30ml – purchasing in December 2019 in the January Sales, I’d had a sample of this fragrance which I’d loved. This was a lovely warm gourmand fragrance with hints of fruit and florals. It wasn’t the most long wearing perfume but it was a scent that I loved so I used it sparingly and kept it more for evening wear when I didn’t need a fragrance to linger all day.
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Michael Kors Very Hollywood 100ml
A project pan finish off, an old favourite perfume which has been discontinued for a few years. I have one more backup in my drawer completely boxed and unopened which I will crack into when my next project pan perfume is finished. A lovely floral fragrance which is particularly great for spring and summer.

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner
The shampoo is probably my all time favourite and a scent that I love. Often on 3 for 2 and I’ll buy 2 shampoo and one conditioner in the offer. The Conditioner I like too, but there’s others I prefer, but for a sake of a deal, I’ll take it and do always enjoy using it. I have greasy roots and dry ends and this does the perfect job of nourishing but not overloading.

Augustinus Bader Conditioner
I didn’t massively get along with this when I had my bright hair phase but I found after I’ve gone blonde for a bit I was able to enjoy this more. I great conditioner that unusually you apply up to the roots, and a light formula that nourishes scalp to tip.

Wella Invigo Nutri Enrich Mask 30ml
Not sure where this sample came from but I was able to get a few uses from this mask. It was actually a really nice and nourishing formula which wasn’t too heavy. I won’t go out of my way to repurchase, but I’d happily use it again!

Mac Fix+ Mini
Finishing up an old favourite and waving goodbye to another MAC product in my collection. I love this most as a way to intensify pigment and metallicness in eyeshadows.

Imperial Leather Figian Waterfall Shower Gel
A great shower gel if you share space/want to pack light in the shower. Kind of an inbetween fragrance that doesn’t lean too masculine or feminine and is just a lovely fresh fragrance.

Jerome Russell B Blonde High Lift Powder Bleach & Peroxide 20 vol
I used my last pack of bleach and bottle of this to do a light and quick bleach bath to clear some colour on my roots before I had it professionally sorted out. It did the job but I’m staying away from bleach as my hair needs some recovery time!

And that’s it from my empties, taking a look at my spreadsheet, it’s looking like I might be inline to beat all previous records on Empties totals as so far this year I have already finished 63 items and over £800 worth of product so far this year!


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  1. April 6, 2022 / 4:11 am

    I’ve looked at the notes for The Only One perfume a couple of times and seen some people say it’s similar to Black Opium by YSL, would you agree with that or is it different?

    Finishing a setting powder isn’t easy, well done!

    • rachael
      April 6, 2022 / 8:22 am

      I normally find pressed powders easy to finish but that one was a massive and a long slog to finish!
      Hmmm, interesting – they’re in the same gourmand family, but they’re different enough in the same way I’d say Black Opium is different to Olympea. Black Opium is a little darker and more sultry I’d say than The Only One, I do find the lasting power of The Only One slightly better than YSL.

      • April 7, 2022 / 12:39 am

        Having dry skin I find I don’t always need powder or if I do a very small amount haha.

        I read about the comparison between Black Opium and The Only One on Fragrantica, they were mostly comparing it because of the coffee notes. I find Black Opium lasts well.

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