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I’ve been umming and arring for years over getting a Clarisonic cleanser, after finally making up my mind that I was going to save my boots points for a big splurge. I was told by Rachael that Boots had now also started doing a similar brand (but much cheaper) Magnitone . This then caused a right chaos in my head, as I didn’t want to feel like ‘I should have waited’ until I had racked up £120 of points so continued saving whilst I looked up reviews and comparisons on both.

By the time I hit £95 – I entered a competition with HQ hair to win a Magnitone Lucid, and won! I’m glad I never splashed my points (although I can now go on a big boots bender for free… hmmm what to buy). So clearly I was meant to keep holding out, as fate had a free one waiting for me around the corner.


So the Magnitone Lucid is a daily cleaning and exfoliating brush, promising to deliver superior deep pore cleansing and a more gentle method of exfoliating. I received the pink Pixie Lott ( a British pop star for my US and Canadian readers), and whilst it’s not the one I would of chose (because of the PL initials on the bottom of the device – which is a little weird if your initials aren’t PL…) I do love the bright pink shade.

I should note that the lucid is being replaced by a new model called BareFaced, Lucid’s can be picked up relatively cheaply now as they’re discounted online. But the new Barefaced model comes in a new range of pastel shades (there’s a beautiful pastel orange), the price point and main features of the device seem largely the same.

The device is charged via a magnet which simply attaches itself to the bottom of the device, I left mine on charge over night… that was now six weeks ago and it’s still yet to need recharging. So if you give it charge before going away, they’ll be no worries that you’ll run out mid trip and need to take a charger with you which is great.


There’s two settings, pressing the button once for the normal setting, and twice for a sensitive setting which seems to be a slightly slower movement. The device comes with their ‘standard’ brush head – and a sturdy head case to protect it during travel. It would be quite nice if it came with a case to protect the whole shell of the device too just so it doesn’t switch on during travel.

I keep mine in the shower, it’s completely waterproof so it’s safe to use in the shower. I prefer this because I do find if I’m using a cleanser which does have a tendency to foam up a little (especially when using something which creates even more with the vibration) it does tend to spray a little over the mirror/bathroom, so doing my cleanse in the shower is a nice way to minimise mess.


Being honest, I did come into problems with using this pretty much straight away. I found the normal way too harsh from the get go on my skin. I found the head slightly scratchy and the normal setting way too much. Overall I felt like I couldn’t use this daily cleansing method daily, I only picked this up every 3 – 4 days because I felt anything more would cause my skin to hurt, and although I don’t have sensitive. My skin was also getting a worse rather than better too,  it was looking red and I had more breakouts than ever (you can expect some for a week or so whilst it draws everything out), but 3 weeks down the line it was still happening.

I’ve read 20 maybe even 30 maybe reviews of the Magnitone, and I must say that my experience seems to have been completely isolated to everyone else’s – I’ve not seen one other person who has really mentioned any thing similar. So don’t let that put you off.

I got in touch with Magnitone to ask their advice, and they kindly offered to send me some of their luxury silk brush heads. This is a complete revelation and I absolutely love these brushes. Not only could I start using it daily, but the normal setting didn’t feel too harsh on my skin either. Whilst no where this is advertised, and probably isn’t 100% safe to do, sometimes I do run the brush quickly over my eyes too, it gets rid of eye makeup instantly and easily. You can see from the picture below just how much softer the bristles look in comparison.


My boyfriend (whilst won’t admit it) – is happy to have a brush head he can use now. I can tell how much he’s using it because he’s never changed the head back when I get in the shower!

My skin after a week of using these went back to normal, spots gone, and I can see an improvement in blackheads on my nose and chin too. They’re not gone yet, but they do seem to be on their way.

Do you have a Clarisonic, Magnitone – or a different sonic cleanser? What are your thoughts on the new latest beauty devices?


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  1. NotQuiteLondon
    September 6, 2015 / 8:53 am

    Been wanting to get one of these for ages. Fab review x

  2. September 6, 2015 / 12:29 pm

    Congratulations! Cool that they sent you the lux heads, too.

  3. September 6, 2015 / 6:42 pm

    I have a Clarisonic. I agree it’s quite expensive but it does the job! I’m used to exfoliating with rough and large beads so my first experience with Clarisonic wasn’t really that bad. 🙂 Glad that you were able to find Magnitone which is cheaper but does the same job. That’s a steal (a special one since you won it, lucky girl)! PS. I love Poxie Lott’s voice! 😘

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