Lottie Bring Me Joy – Swatch & Review

I’m not 100% sure what attracted me to Lottie Bring Me Joy, amongst all the bright and bold colours and glitters, there was a few neutral nudes – and my eye was drawn to this, and as you’ll notice if you’re a regular reader of my NOTD posts, I’m someone who pretty much always opts for bright colours rather than nudes.

I’ve been hunting for an opaque cream, rather than white, nail polish for quite some time and in the shop light I thought this might be it. As soon as I got this out the shop I realised that it probably wouldn’t be the case.

OPI Bubblebath Dupe

Dupe Alert! OPI Bubblebath and Lottie Bring Me Joy

Bring Me Joy is a very pale pinky white, and is very reminiscent of OPI Bubblebath and does make a fantastic dupe for the much loved oldie from OPI. Both of these are of a more sheer formula that can be used to create a natural french manicure with the natural whites of your tips showing as I have done here or I think it would also work well with pairing with a white too for the classic frenchie look. The only difference I can spot is that on the first coat Bubblebath is more opaque, but with a second they are un-detectable between which is which.

Lottie Bring Me Joy Swatch

OPI Bubblebath is on third from the left, all others are Lottie Bring Me Joy

Quick drying with a decent wear time there’s no reason to buy OPI Bubblebath over this – especially as this is only £5.99 and with OPI you’ll be looking at around £12. I’d rather buy 2 different Lottie polishes for the same price as one completely comparable OPI 😉

Lottie-Bring-Me-Joy-Review-Swatch Lottie-Bring-Me-Joy-Swatch

I did find that when I wore this without Essie’s Set in Stones (A current favourite you will note as it keeps cropping up as part of reviews!), that it chipped quicker than the other Lottie polishes I’ve used, but I’m talking 3-4 days instead of 4-5 – but that was without a topcoat.

Have you discovered any fantastic dupes?


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  1. May 11, 2015 / 5:48 pm

    Nice cheap and cheerful dupe – well done! I like what you did with the gradient shimmer.

  2. June 19, 2017 / 3:50 pm

    Totally need this and that Essie glitter you used! :]

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