Latest in Beauty ‘Build Your Own’ Review

The last in this month’s heavy beauty box takeover! It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that Latest in Beauty, alongside their normal collection and collaboration boxes also do a ‘Build Your Own’ box service. Not wholly dissimilar to how Love Me Beauty works, but in my opinion a lot easier to understand, and better value – You can pick between a box of 3 items (£8.99), 6 items (£12.99) and 9 Products (£16.99). When I placed an order for my Summer Glamour Edit box I also decided to pick up a 3 box as there were a few items I could see that I’d wanted to try.

Unlike Love Me Beauty where I sometimes can find it hard to tell whether I’m going to end up with a tiny sample (as they make all the images on the site pictures of the full size version), Latest in Beauty outlines exactly what size it is you’ll receive, marks full size items specifically. There’s no limit as to what you can pick, if you want 3 full size items you can pick 3 full size items – the choice is utterly yours and is handily broken out into individual sections – so if you’re looking for makeup it’s separated away from nails – and you can see what’s available at a glance as well as being able to filter by brand as well.

This isn’t a subscription it’s a one of purchase so you’re not tied up for any amount of time, but you can browse before you buy, if there’s a few items that you’ve been wanting to try, then it’s a good place to maybe pick up a couple of others for the same price too.

Kiko Velvet Touch Blush Stick – Coral Rose (Full Size)


This was my third item that wasn’t exactly on a wish-list of items to try, but that being said I do really like Kiko as a whole so it’s not a surprise I opted for this. I’m not big on blush sticks or cream blushes – but this is exactly the kind of colour I love for my cheeks so I can easily see it becoming a favourite if I get on with the stick application method.

The Body Shop Body Butter – British Rose (Sample size 50ml)


The newish British Rose collection has been something that I’ve been trying to check out in person, but as my local body shop is an outlet, they rarely have the latest limited edition collections. I’d have preferred to have got something else other than a body butter, but alas it was the only option. I’m fussy about rose scents smelling ‘real’, thanks to my parents who grow roses for a living – I’ve developed a distinguished nose for them and this scent is actually pretty nice and light.

Teeez Nail Polish in Smoking Gun (Full Size)


Last but not least is this Teeez polish, I have an eye brush from teeez thanks to a Glossybox years ago and have recently started hearing more about them thanks to Stashy as the brand has come to Canada. We can’t get it here still – apart from a few online stores, and I’d heard good things about the polish she’d picked up, so I’d had getting one to try on my list, but it was difficult – once I saw these in the LIB store, that’s what convinced me. The colour of this alluded me online – the colour on the website wasn’t very clear and there wasn’t really any good swatches online either.


Overall – I’m quite impressed with this little box! I like that you don’t subscribe to it and you pick and create your own box as and when you like. It’s definitely worth it if you can spot one product in the wide selection that they have that you are interested in trying – and grabbing a few other products to get some extra value too!


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