January Empties 2015


First Empties of the New Year, I’m still doing well on using up and shopping my stash, and was really surprised as to how much I had used up this month. This is the first Empties to contain fully used up products from the My Little Beauty Line (the brand included in My Little Boxes).

My Little Beauty Micellar Water         empties-my-little-beauty-micellar-water

I really liked this product, a very good Micellar Water as good as Bioderma and Garnier (my favourites). I liked that this wasn’t in a giant bottle, which meant it was easier if I was going to stay somewhere for the night. My only problem with it was the way the cap was designed meant that it was impossible to not squeeze too much out, so I feel like I wasted more than I actually used some days.

Repurchase? For ease of purchase, probably not unless I was placing another order from My Little Beauty at the same time, but I would recommend if it’s easy to get your hands on it.

Golden Rose Precision Eyeliner


Purchased in October when I went to Turkey, this is a felt tip liner with a very thin nib. The only thing I found with this was I had to wait a few seconds before really moving my eyelid around/blinking otherwise it did transfer.

Repurchase? Would be hard to given we don’t have this brand in the UK, it was a good eyeliner, but the L’oreal felt tip ones are better.

Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals/Italian Marble Mineral Powder


A work staff sale purchase, a bag of 4 various different Jerome Alexander make up cost me £1, so this was 25p. This is a powder foundation with colour correcting particles, It is massive, so lasted me about 9 months, I used as a setting powder rather than a foundation and it was fantastic at keeping oiliness away. Another plus of this is that it has a massive mirror (that’s actually a really decent mirror, so although is quite big, it’s also good for travel. Normally retailing at £12.99, I would say that this is worth it for how long it lasted.


Repurchase? I would 100% pick up more than one if I saw these for £1, but I might repurchase at full price too.

MAC Prep and Prime Primer Sample


Already reviewed this once in a previous empties, I love this primer a lot! Reminds me a little of Benefit’s Porefessional, but leaving a less extreme silicone filled pore feel.

Repurchase? I still have 2 other Laura Mercier primers on the go, but this will be the one which I repurchase when I’m out of the others.

 Figs and Rouge Mango Mandarin Hand Cream


The first product I’ve used up from my Bedside Beauty post. I really liked this, I had a reader comment saying that they thought this was terrible and didn’t sink in. I can see why you wouldn’t like it, it’s not the kind of hand cream I would apply in the morning or during the day, as it does feel like it just sits on top of the skin. But leaving on over night left me with beautifully soft hands (My mum commented how soft my hands were).

Repurchase?: I have a lot of hand creams stored away and don’t have the need to repurchase any at this moment on time, but if I did, I would.

 Kerastase K Laque Noire Hairspray


Received in a past My Little Box, I was excited to try this having never tried Kerastase before. I was left disappointed by this, it was okay, but nothing special. It was handy to have a smaller sized bottle of hairspray for travel.

Repurchase? No

Boutique Nail Polish Remover (Sainsburys)


One of those nail varnish removers, where you dip your hand into the sponge. This had a really nice quality sponge in that didn’t disintegrate, like I have found with some others in the past, however the nail varnish remover element in it was crap, and took a lot of work to get the polish off.

Repurchase?: No

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo


A well talked about product on my blog, The smaller bottles are definitely the way to go if purchasing this, to avoid the bigger bottles which tend to have an ability to stop spraying half way through the bottle. I still like this, but buying in small bottles is not very economical as it’s much more expensive. I’m now using the Colab dry shampoo from a Model Recommends, which is better value for money and does a good job.

Repurchase? If I was travelling and wanted to take a small bottle, I would choose to purchase this.

Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation


This is a sample my sister bought from work when she worked at boots for £1, it’s 3 times the size of a normal bottle and was about a 1/3 full when she gave it to me, so a normal sized bottle has lasted me since October. It’s very dewy finish, normally something I dislike as I have combo skin, but it keeps oil at bay, is very buildable in coverage and is slightly waterproof. This looks beautiful really buffed into the skin and is my new favourite foundation, replacing MAC’s Pro Longwear which I have been through bottles and bottles of. She also gave me another full bottle of this size (worth around £85 as it’s normally £28.50 per bottle and it’s 3 times the size). It doesn’t say a name, but a number on this, which I think is shade 10 (Praline).

Repurchase? If I didn’t already have another one, which should keep me going almost all year, then I would have already repurchased, LOVE IT!


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