Holiday Empties

Not a massive pile of empties from my holiday, but ones which I certainly didn’t want to bring a load of empty rubbish home with me in my luggage for the end of my monthly empties!



Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Conditioner

I mainly chose the shampoo/conditioner duo (shampoo didn’t get finished!) because it was a size that looked not too big for two people to share for a week. I rocketed through my conditioner as I was washing my hair daily – and my hair has been getting so difficult to brush through over the past month, I was having to heavily dose my hair in conditioner and brush through it as it just wouldn’t brush otherwise! Did a fine job – felt a little watery, it was just ‘okay’.

Repurchase? Already have another in my shower, but isn’t my favourite. Would use if I had it/buy if it was super cheap, but wouldn’t pick it out purposefully.

Beauty Protector Hair Oil

I received a couple of these in June 2015’s Birchbox and purposefully kept the little vials back for travel. The perfect size for a week/weekend away. This lasted me the exact right amount of times of hair washing over the week! I love this it smells delicious and went a long way to helping my hair feeling so soft despite chlorine abuse from the pool – I loved it so much so that I’ve started using the second vial when I’ve got home despite it being travel friendly!

Repurchase? I don’t have a need to – as I have lots of full size oils, but I would rebuy this in future!

L’Oreal Kids Super Pear Detangler

Knowing that I was having problems with my hair being knotty before going I took this with me with the idea of using it by the pool to help brush through my hair throughout the day. But my hair was so bad I was having to keep it in braids, buns or pony tails through the day otherwise I probably would have cut it off mid holiday! I was using this post shower and it was terrible! I remember a few years ago I was using a strawberry scented one from L’Oreal Kids which was brilliant and I couldn’t find it anywhere so presumed they’d simply replaced the scent. The pear is very sickly and fake smelling and it didn’t help brush through any easier! Big Thumbs down!

Repurchase? No!



Superdrug Cotton Pads

Using these for the 100 bites of my legs with a mystery egyptian bite lotion (sadly not an exaggeration – my boyfriend said I looked like a leopard!) I went through a whole pack of these. I didn’t love these and glad I took the wipes with me too. They were too fluffy which on the few times I used them with my Micellar water got all caught up with my eyelashes. Not nice at all!

Repurchase? No!

B. Pure Micellar Cleansing Wipes

I took these mainly for the plane and if we did anything in the day and felt like I needed to freshen up, but I’m glad I took them overall because of the cotton pad disaster. These were fine and for being a forbidden wipe my skin is looking quite glorious right now (probably aided by the sun) but I don’t have a blemish in sight!

Repurchase? Probably yes!



Zhuzh! Tan Accellerator

I almost didn’t bother take this but I’m glad that I did. Whilst Sharm El Sheik was still very hot in October 37-42 Celsius (98-105 Fahrenheit), I didn’t realise that it lies directly next to mountains and the strip is quite small – meaning that in these ‘winter’ months after about 4.30pm the sun had pretty much disappeared and sunset was about 5.30. This maximises your skins ability to tan faster by “waking up sleepy melanin” – this is something I discovered through work and is a total TV shopping product which I never would have used. But will be a staple forever it really works, I look like I’ve been on holiday for a fortnight in August – and in reality I only spent 4.5 out of 8 days in the sun properly.

Repurchase? Have a part bottle of this left, but i will get more in future yes!

My Little Beauty Sorbet D’Ete After Sun

I don’t know if you have these anywhere else in the world – but this smelt exactly like Parma Violet sweets and it was delicious to use! We took two after suns with us which was good because a) I selfishly wanted this/hid it so I could use it all b) it didn’t go particularly far.

Repurchase? If I could yes!



Korres Santorini Vine Body Milk

My Little Gypset Box from August gave us a little Korres Body Milk Treat and I purposefully kept this back for holiday as well being a sample size of one of my favourite body products. I loved the Santorini Vine scent – not one I’ve tried before – but it was subtly citrusy. This felt thicker than other Body Milk’s I’ve tried from Korres – but was nice and nourishing and despite being thicker it was easy to work into the skin.

Repurchase? Yes!

Bayliss and Harding Energising Sea Moss Shower Gel

Handy to have a travel size but not something I would ever purchase as they’re so bleeding expensive. I received this last month’s Cohorted box, with this tiny sample size having a value of a whopping £10! Smelt nice, worth £10? No! Didn’t quite last both of us a week, but luckily there was shower gel in the room too!

Repurchase? No!



Origins Ginzing Face Mask Pod

I took a couple of these in my carry on for there and back but didn’t end up using them on flight. I used this on the first day after I had neglected to thoroughly SPF my whole face leaving a centimetre gap around my hairline and my face was feeling pretty sore! I was thinking this would help but man did it make it sting more – I didn’t wear this very long before I had to remove. I know it was the sun burn rather than the mask as I’ve used these pods before (and reviewed here).

Repurchase? Still have another left, but I would repurchase?

Talika Bio Enzyme After Sun Mask

Picked as a choice in last month’s Love Me Beauty box, I spied this thinking it would be good for when I spent a little too long in the sun. I used this the day after Origins one after my hairline was already peeling and looking quite red and sore. It was quite a sticky gel consistency that felt very cooling and refreshing. The only thing was, it was a sheet mask. I wish it had just been a sachet or a tube of it as the mask itself was so oversized, even for my face which isn’t small! It wasn’t comfortable to wear and felt like it was constantly slipping I couldn’t wear if for the full 30 minutes as it was too irritating. The next day my skin felt very soft and my red forehead was pretty much gone and feeling less sore so it did really work.

Repurchase? Maybe – unsure as it’s very expensive for one use, and didn’t really get on with the sheet, but it did really work!

Have you used any of these?


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  1. October 14, 2015 / 1:08 pm

    Oh dear, what’s the story with the bites on your legs?
    Korres Santorini Vine Body Milk sounds divine – I want to try more Korres products.
    It makes sense not to lug these empties back from holiday! 😛

    • October 14, 2015 / 1:30 pm

      Just mosquitos out there, for some reason I wouldn’t stop being bitten despite all repellents being used! Normally I don’t get bitten, so I must either be usually tasty or was massively unlucky! I haven’t tried much from Korres but I love their body milks, they rub in so easy and make the chore of moisturizing so much easier 🙂

  2. Anne
    October 14, 2015 / 6:24 pm

    The after sun sounds delicious!
    The curse of the evil mosquitos I am assuming for the bite marks? I hate the little creepers.

      • Anne
        October 15, 2015 / 7:54 am

        You never do see them…just hear them at night when you are almost asleep 😉

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