Friction Free Shaving Subscription Review

When it comes to subscriptions we’ve just about seen it all, from female sanitary products to recipe spice kits. Now there’s a new kid in town – Friction Free Shaving or FFS for short is here to make buying razors way more affordable and much less of a chore.

I’d been eyeing these for a good few weeks when I spotted Rihanna Olivia review them favorably – enough to ever convince me – then spotted a 30% off code on their twitter for your first order too. I do kind of wonder if FFS is actually short for (For fuck sake why have I wasted money on razors for so long!). There’s three different packages available ranging between £3 and £7 per month – or bi monthly if you’d prefer.


Born out of the idea that razor heads cost too much – which quite frankly they do and I have a weep every time I need to repurchase a new head set costing somewhere in the region of £10-£15 for 3 heads that become blunt in what feels like minutes. Friction Free Shaving are attempting to free up your purse-strings a little from spending on this necessity, buy giving you better quality blades, lasting longer – whilst also being wildly cheaper, whilst never facing a cupboard with an empty product with a monthly arrival to keep you stocked.


I opted for the Samantha package the most expensive at £7 per month, an opulent looking rose-gold razor arm, coming with 4 heads each with five blades. This is like the Charlotte Tilbury of the razor world and as Rihanna rightfully put they’re totally Instagram worthy which is not something you would even normally think about when it comes to razors. Even the handle feels a bit luxe, it’s a heavier weighted metal arm (think your dad’s/Boyfriends) and feels a lot nicer to hold than the likes of high street razors. FFS want you to get used to the feeling of being able to afford to change your razor on a weekly basis to make shaving the easiest and most pleasurable experience possible.


Overall the shave is super comfortable – even without that big bulky rubber area that you normally see on others, and gets a much better and closer shave than what I would with a newly opened head from a Venus razor would do. After a week it’s no where near as blunt as Gilette’s would be, and the luxury of being able to afford to swap to a new razor head without the feeling that I’ve wasted £’s is huge.

One of the things I like about this is that if you end up with a bit of a backlog and find you’re not getting through them weekly, you can opt to skip the month or chose to ‘Send Me Something Else’ where they will send you a present such as a lipstick or polish of a similar value for that month instead. Saving you the annoying need of un-subbing/re-subbing for the case of one month if needed.

One thing I’d like to see in the future is a little mini add on kit you could buy to make them as travel friendly as possible. The only think I like about my Venus set in comparison is that mini little ‘Venus Snap’ and case which is absolutely perfect for travel – and a similar compatible razor arm and case wouldn’t go a miss with to match and buy as an extra item to have in your shaving toolkit too.


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  1. June 25, 2016 / 8:14 am

    I love it! And when they send supply of razors you get a little gift too-lip pencil and hair accessories in the past two months 🙂

  2. June 26, 2016 / 4:23 pm

    This is a useful subscription to have! Honestly, I’ve been thinking of getting something like to for my boyfriend.

  3. Rose
    January 6, 2017 / 7:46 pm

    I have subscribed to it but i start have my suspicion of it being a rip off since after 3 months of getting the 5 blade razor heads i was sent 3 blade heads and charged as for the 5 blade one -_-

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