My Summer Scent : Rosie for Autograph Rose Gold Perfume

Rosie for Autograph Rose Gold Perfume review

Whilst I’ve been on a real mission this year to finish up a couple of body mist fragrances there’s been one perfume which I’ve tended to turn to inbetween, and it’s been from the Marks and Spencers Rosie for Autograph range – aptly named Rose Gold.

I was invited to pick out some items that I wanted to try from M&S at the start of the year and I had to turn to their fragrances as one of my choices. I was shopping online so I had to go off descriptions of the fragrances to determine which one I’d like most. But mostly I won’t lie, the basis of my choice was the stunning bottle.

Rose Gold is this perfumes name and Rose Gold is it’s game. The perfume arrives in a slick clean white box which features a rich rose gold foil border and lettering. The Rosie for Autograph line has a strong rose gold, verging on copper packaging so it was only natural that there would be a themed fragrance in the line. The bottle is a gorgeous heavy clear glass multi faceted bottle, it’s shaped like a rectangular gem  with cut corners and a toned ombre spray which fades up from the bottom. With a chrome plaque bearing Rosie H-W line’s logo and a similar gem like lid also in a coppery chrome finish features the rose outline also tied with the brand. Slick, sophisticated and every bit of what I’d expect from the alliance between the two names.

The Rosie for Autograph Rose Gold Perfume is a limited edition one, created to celebrate five years of the collaboration between M&S and RHW. The perfume describes itself as “evokes a cosy evening spent by the fire on a starry night”. which took me a back as the notes to me are very fresh – but after I read that description it became clear that I wasn’t paying enough attention to how this wore.

The first top notes that hit the nose are fresh and floral – having the fresh botanical notes that kind of remind me of the Zoella Splash Botanics line, rose and freesia meet the skin and release a real breezy freshness that’s impossible to ignore. After a few hours different notes begin to reveal themselves, and I can start to see where the cosy notes play in, spiciness of bergamot which ties in well with top floral notes whilst beginning to bring warmth. Finally the base notes of musk, amber and vanilla provide the base notes of this perfume that take amp up the warm notes for this perfume that perfectly transitions through it’s wear time.

Performance isn’t the same grade as what I’m used to, however this does come in at such a fraction of the cost. It lasts me through a work day just before it gracefully fades away leaving a slight sweet vanilla note lingering on the skin.

I’m not sure whether I got to this review too late and the limited edition run on this fragrance has since run out, or its bad luck and out of stock online currently. But I still wanted to give it a mention as I’ve genuinely been wearing it a lot through the summer, and I thought if it has been disconitnued there may have be a chance that it you may find a lingering bottle in store even if you’re out of luck online.

There are two others from the Rosie for Autograph line which I need to give a whiff of next time I visit store. These come in at £24 and £28 for 75ml which make these a lovely budget option and would make a great gift in the run up to Christmas too. Made in the UK and Cruelty Free.

What are you favourite budget fragrances?

PR Sample, thoughts are based on my honest experience with the product.

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