February Empties Part 2: Skincare & Fragrance

If you missed Part 1 of my February Empties, which went up over the weekend – you’ll have missed my hair care and makeup items finished up last month. Today we’ve got skincare, fragrance, and a bit of everything else!


Sainsbury’s Little Ones Cotton Wool Pads

I tend to always buy baby cotton pads now, they’re much stronger and less prone to shredding and getting fluff all stuck in your eyelashes. Whilst often I’ve seen that they can be a bit more expensive, I need far fewer of these than I do cheaper ones.

Repurchase? Already have


Simple Age Resisting Face Wipes

I try to avoid picking up face wipes, I like having them around for cleaning up products before taking photos of them, but I always end up being lazy and reaching for them if they’re there! I picked these up for my New York trip for taking my makeup off easily before the long haul flight back and forth – as well as refreshing mid way through and they were definitely a welcome inflight addition.

 Yes, but not immediately!


Sure Motionsense Invisible Deodorant

I don’t normally use areosol deodorants any more, and infact – this is the first I’ve bought in a while. Again, another product I bought for New York – I’d had friends warn me that we may spend all day walking and not have chance to go home and get changed, and that we would be doing a lot of walking and may well have needed a refresh through the day, so the dinky size made it handbag friendly. Did the job well, but would only buy this kind of situation again.

Repurchase? Maybe, as above

Chloe Perfume Sample

I got this when purchasing items in Sephora, and I know a lot of people will probably slap me for this as this is lots of people’s signature scent, but I’m not sure I’ve ever smelt it at all, let alone owned it. I can see why people love this, it’s a warm feminine fragrance which isn’t too sweet, and it changes through the day and gets warmer and slightly more musky.

Repurchase? I’m currently trying to use some up, but the next point I need to redeem some boots points it may well be for this!

Yves Rocher So Elixir Sample

Received in a my Little Box a few months ago, I’ve decided to try and use a lot of my samples of perfumes up. I’ve got quite a large bowl which I think, I’ll keep these for travel, but I always take what ever I’m currently using with me so they never get used. This was nice, a very sophisticated, warm and sultry scent – the opposite of what I normally go for, and not the type of thing I would buy myself. But the sample was nice, lasted a good while on the skin – just not very me.

Repurchase? No, but would recommend if you like scents like Chanel Chance.


The Body Shop Glazed Apple Handcream

Their Christmas limited edition scent, that I’m sad to have used up. This smelt of sweet, sweet juicy apples – I was expecting for a christmas scent for it to have some warm cinammon to it too, but it was just fresh and appley. The handcream was the same as any other body shop handcream, but it got lots of plus points from me for the fragrance alone.

Ren Rosa Centiflora Micellar Water (review)

I spoke about this quite recently so I won’t go too much in depth. A really lovely rose scented Micellar water, but at quadrouple the price of my favoured Garnier, for a smaller bottle too – it just didn’t do anything better for me. A handy travel size but not an item I’ll continue to splash the cash on.

Repurchase? No

Ark Age Defend Moisturiser (review)

I tried and tested 5 items from Ark and this lasted me using it pretty much every night since August. I was glad to see it finally bit the dust as I was starting to get bored of seeing it by my bedside. I didn’t like this under makeup, but for overnight it was perfect.

Repurchase? No, I have another moisturizer from Ark + about 10 others to make my way through!

Ark Age Defend Cleanser (review)

Tested at the same time as the Moisturiser, this was something that I’ve been back and forth with over the months so it’s not been used exclusively. A nice herbal scent, but I found to remove eye makeup I had to go in twice as it wasn’t the best at breaking it down – or using 2 cleansers and this for a second cleanse. I want a cleanser to do it all at once though, so I wouldn’t repurchase

Repurchase?  No


Lancome Advanced Genifique Concerntrate, Clarins Hydra Quench Lotion & 3-D Plump Up Filler mask

These were mostly used up, and only had one use each left this month. I can’t tell you that they were fantastic or awful as I really can’t remember. Either way I have plenty of samples and full sizes and don’t need to repurchase any time soon.

My Little Beauty Make A Wish Lip Balm

I got this in January’s My Little Box and it came straight with me to new york. Good for walking round and keeping lips moistised whilst out in the Chilly February New York Air. Good, but not great though.

Repurchase? No

If you missed part 1 click here to read. If you’ve tried any of these let me know your thoughts!


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  1. March 15, 2016 / 10:56 pm

    Again, in a sea of nos, the yeses are for things I can’t get locally! 😛
    Well done with all the empties.

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