Face Mask Friday #61 – Tony Moly I’m Real Aloe Sheet Mask

Tony Moly I'm Real Aloe Sheet Mask

It’s been bloody ages since I last reviewed a Tony Moly mask, I was conscious that I was doing a review of them every other week and they were all kind of blending into one in my brain, so I’ve had a really good break from it and it’s been a year since the last time I used one. So it felt like a good time to pick one out from my collection as one of the biggest areas of clutter left in my collection is in the face mask department – I ended up picking the Tony Moly I’m Real Aloe Sheet Mask.

At the moment my skin is definitely changing, I’ve mentioned it a few times and I am becoming a bit less oily as time goes on and I’m noticing that my skin is becoming more dehydrated in certain patches, so I feel like I’m officially in the combo skin club. Over the weekend I noticed my skin was particularly looking a bit zapped of all moisture content so I had a look through what I might have in my collection for an instant skin pick me up. So I picked Tony Moly’s Aloe Sheet mask which is designed for moisturising.

It’s been a little while since I used a sheet mask and I forgot what an absolute faff they are to unfold – these ones in particular are quite thin to trying to get a grip of the corners whilst un-peeling and not ripping is quite an intricate task. Once I’d eventually got it unfolded and onto my face and it wasn’t the type of sheet mask that slides down from being too wet or too slick.

As the mask began drying noticed that it started feeling stickier, and once it was peeled off and away after 20 or so minutes that sticky feeling only intensified. At this point I was thinking that none of the serum was really sinking into the skin and after a few hours touching my skin I couldn’t say that there was anything particularly noticeable. When I don’t see instant effects from a sheet mask that’s normally a bad sign, and I went into bed after looking at my skin a few times in the mirror throughout the night ready to write this mask off as a dud.


I kept my skincare pretty simple overnight and didn’t opt for a moisturiser as I really wanted to see what this was going to do left to it’s own devices and by the next morning I was surprised to see that my skin texture looked slightly plumper and smoother, and the areas that were most dehydrated around the eyes were visibly improved too. The effects weren’t long lasting and within 24 hours of first applying I felt like the positives had disappeared. That’s not a bad thing as I don’t expect anything long term from a sheet mask.

That being said I’m not sure I would try the Tony Moly I’m Real Aloe Sheet Mask mask again, when I use sheet masks personally I want to see something instant. There’s been a few masks I’ve applied on a late afternoon before going out for the evening and woke up the next day with skin that still feels amazing, and I don’t like the fact that this isn’t that instantaneous. It’s not a bad mask and I think if you had really dry skin you might see some more instant effects as the serum sticks and soaks into dry areas rather than attempting to correct areas of dehydration.

These sheet masks are a fiver each and are available via cult beauty here.

Have you tried the Tony Moly I’m Real Line?

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    • June 29, 2018 / 3:12 pm

      I still have the Tomato one in my collection to try! I bought the full set from Amazon and I’ve not finished them 2 years later!

      • July 4, 2018 / 7:18 pm

        I’ll check if their available in my country and give them a shot! 🙂

  1. Gabrielle
    June 30, 2018 / 7:04 pm

    Sorry to hear you wouldn’t reach for this mask again; thankfully there are plenty more face masks in the sea! haha 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend so far…

    aglassofice.com x

    • July 2, 2018 / 11:19 am

      There are definitely plenty, and I still have at least 40 in my collection haha!
      I had a lovely weekend, thank you hope you did too! xx

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