Face Mask Friday #12 – nspa Spa Treatment Masks

Following on from my review earlier in the week of a little steal I recently made (not literally) of the nspa melting cleansing gel, at the same time of finding that bargain I found another. The nspa Spa Treatment masks, another great find reduced to £1 in ASDA!

I’ve been wanting to try a sheet mask for quite some time but they’re not widely available in the UK, this is the first one that I’ve seen – they’re cloth rather than a paper. The Nspa Spa Treatment masks is a handy little kit that offers great value for money regardless of whether it’s full price (£6) or reduced to £1 as I found it (yet again – this may be being discontinued I’m unsure). The box contains 3 separately packaged cloth facial masks, and 2 eye treatment masks.


I think I’ve said more than once, I do not like these eye masks normally the texture feels like a wet soggy condom (sorry –  but it does), and when they’re on my face it feels like the least relaxing thing ever – as I can’t get over that thought! I haven’t tried out the ones in this kit yet but why they included 3 face masks and 2 eye masks I don’t know… do the maths! I’ve had ones in beauty boxes in the past which have retailed for £40 for a set of 3 – so this is great value for money if you do like these, I’ve personally never found affordable ones any different to expensive ones, all cool the eye area and reduce puffiness.


So onto the Facial Cloth Masks, containing natural papaya and papalm extracts,with vitamin e, c, and pro-vitamins to soothe and brighten the skin. From the moment you put this on this has a  cooling tingle, normally I find masks with this type of effect to pass after a few minutes, but this did keep lightly tingling for the whole time I had it on. It was enough to feel refreshing without becoming uncomfortable. I chose to use this when I was having a breakout starting to appear, and it helped calm and sooth my skin down for the rest of the evening.

The mask is a little wet feeling and does struggle to sit and stick to the face properly, I did find that this made me chill and sit down though and it stopped me pottering around the house as I normally would so I could enjoy having it on, which is good in a way.


There’s one problem with this… Cue melty snowman face.


Yup… I put that on the internet!

I always like to give face masks a postman friendliness rating, and I think this has to be amongst the worst I’ve tried in my Face Mask Friday series, even the black ones look more normal than this – I would run a mile if someone opened the door to me looking like that!

Again, if I see these I would repurchase – hopefully they’re not being discontinued! If you see them grab em while you can!

Have you found any sheet style masks you’d recommend?



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