December 2016 Empties

After my mammoth sized empties in mid-November. My little box of things from the last 6 weeks or so felt much more manageable tackling between Christmas and New Year. I was definitely at a stage where I was starting afresh with shampoos, conditioners etc.



The Body Shop Instablur Primer (review)

This is my second or third one of these that I’ve finished up! I love this primer especially as one I reach for if I’m doing makeup for a short space of time as I find it makes my skin look super smooth and flawless, but it’s not necessarily the best for all day use for me. This is a favourite for me but I’m trying to use some up from my collection before I repurchase.

Repurchase: Yes, but not immediately

Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation

This isn’t technically fully empty but I’ve de-cantered what I have left into a smaller pot as I got fed up with this bottle rattling around my drawer. this is a 90ml bottle of foundation that my sister got in a staff sale of samples when she used to work at Boots. I had not one but two of these bottles, so I’ve had the equivilent of 6 bottles of this foundation from these huge bottles. I used to like this more than what I do now, I’m trying to get rid of what I have left as an everyday foundation.

Repurchase: No

Soap and Glory Supercat Liner (review)

I only recently reviewed this and it’s definitely not empty, but if you saw my review it will come as no surprise why it’s left my collection already. I’ve passed this onto my sister to see if she gets a long with it better than what I did!

Repurchase: Nope!

Eyelure Pre-glued lashes

I wore these to a wedding in December, I don’t wear false lashes very often but I always tend to opt for the pre-glued ones from eyelure if I’m running short of time as I find them way less of a faff to apply. These were a really natural fluttery look and I need to pick up some more as I’ve used the last ones up!

Repurchase: Yes

“Small Things”


So…? Mini Perfume

I got this at an event in summer and So… fragrances are just such a throwback for me. I don’t think I ever had this more ‘grown up’ original perfume from So as a teen – but I’ve enjoyed having this in my handbag.

Repurchase: Unlikely, but a nice thing to revisit!

Nuxe Reve de Miel

This is one of my favourite lip balms and always gets cracked out at the start of Autumn and becomes a staple I always keep on me until Spring starts and my lips stop freaking out. This is such a thick balm and works really well at protecting and repairing. It’s a little pricier but this little jar has lasted me 2 and a half years.

Repurchase: Yes, but have a few other lip balms I’ve been meaning to review – but will definitely come back to it!

 Facial Skincare


Sunday Riley Good Genes (review)

Only recently reviewed so I won’t talk about this too indepth. This was a constant product in my routine for most of last year – and I do give it credit for being with the products in the year that my skin really sorted itself out.

Repurchase: Maybe, but have plenty in my collection to start now

The Hero Project Hyasoft (review)

I was sent this last year and once I started using it, it became a firm evening routine favourite. The tube was a little small so I whizzed through this quicker than I would have liked. So moisturising and did a really good job of rehydating my skin in summer.

Repurchase: Maybe – but same as above have loads to try out!



Garnier Ultimate Blends Mystic Olive Shampoo

Ben purchased this for me when I asked him to grab me shampoo, I’d had a couple of sachets of the Mythic Olive hair mask and got along with it well, but sadly this didn’t perform well for my hair at all, and never left my hair feeling fully cleaned.

Repurchase: No

Matrix Biolage Colour Bloom Masque

I bought this ‘professional’ mask at my local CCO expecting it would do great things as it’s from a Salon Brand. I couldn’t pinpoint that this did a better job than a good conditioner would.

Repurchase: No

Yes to Coconuts Conditioner (review)

Another product that was recently reviewed. This was supposedly for dry hair but it made my dry hair even harder to manage and comb through. Would not recommend this at all!

Repurchase: No, no no.

Body Care


Right Guard Women Sport Deodorant

I try to not buy aerosols where I can avoid it now, and especially in deodorants I find them way more effective in cream form. I had to buy this out of desperation a few months ago when I’d forgotten to take my deodorant away with me when we stayed away for a night and this was all the local shop had!

Repurchase: Will avoid but did an okay job

The Body Shop Spa Fit Scrub (review)

Reviewed this recently, but this had such an odd consistency for a scrub. It was made of largely fruit pulp. With high levels of caffeine it was meant to reawaken the skin as well as resurfacing.

Repurchase: Unlikely as I always love trying new scrubs to review and have a massive untried stash still to go!

That wraps up this months empties, way smaller than last months! How many products did you use up in 2016 – I think I was getting close to the 300 mark!


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  1. January 7, 2017 / 1:30 pm

    I love body shop products!

  2. January 7, 2017 / 2:47 pm

    You’re the only person I’ve seen use the Body Shop primer other than me ☺ I quite like if but I think I prefer the Smashbox one I have x

  3. jazminheavenblog
    January 7, 2017 / 9:45 pm

    I love your empties so much.. You go through so much!
    Thinking of trying the lip balm you mentioned, it sounds fab and my lips are so sore at the minute xx

    • January 9, 2017 / 9:35 am

      Thanks Jasmin, I seem to go through waves a lot of starting a whole bunch of new stuff at once and not having many – and then they all get finished up around the same time so some will be huge!
      Totally recommend the Nuxe Balm, does wonders for my lips! xx

  4. January 19, 2017 / 2:56 pm

    I got to using the primer and the smell is initially something I struggled with but when it’s gone, it’s gone. Otherwise, I’m loving it!

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