Courrèges La Fille de L’Air Perfume Review

Without thanks to my May 2016 My Little Box there would have been no way that I’d stumbled on this perfume from French fashion brand Courrèges. Normally perfume samples make me groan a little in Beauty Boxes – but this one firstly due me in thanks to it’s packaging – then it’s generous size for a sample.

The Courrèges La Fille de L’Air (translates as the daughter of the air) packaging feels a little bit different to the norm – with pastel blue clouds and bright pop of neon orange (it’s not showing how neon it is in the pictures!) that feels different to the normal metallic or pink and purple boxes that I’m used to getting when it comes to perfumes. The 10ml sample size of this has made it a perfect carry around in my handbag for the past month and I’ve found myself reaching for it so much to the point where it’s now almost nearly empty.


I will start by saying that I would probably not give this perfume a second sniff I was in a shop smelling it. It’s light and fresh and world away from the sweet fruity florals I normally opt for – that being said I do really like it, and maybe I should think about adding a similar fragrance to my collection as it feels very summer approriate whilst being very subtle.

With top and mid notes of Lime, Petitgrain, Orange Blossom, Neroli, Jasmine and Cascalone and a base of cedar and musk – the soft florals are to me the most noticeable part of the fragrance which wears down to reveal the more noticeable woody base notes whilst still feeling feminine and light. It’s not the most long wearing – I haven’t noticed the scent lingering for any longer than about 3-4 hours at most.

 I don’t know whether you can buy these tiny handbag friendly sizes alone – or whether it was a sample exclusive for the box, but I would have preferred for this to either have been a rollerball or had a cap – but all this comes with is a plastic clip which does make me slightly nervous placing into my handbag, fearing the clip will easily slip off!


Priced at €22.50 for a 20ml bottle – I was given a very generous sized sample for a beauty box and have loved carrying this round with me all month for refreshing through the day. I normally find that I’m opting to touch up with this rather than wearing it as my first fragrance of the day – but it’s a nice enough scent to have on me. From the research that I’ve done, I don’t think this brand is easily available in the UK, I haven’t yet been able to find it in stock.

What are your favourite handbag touch up scents?


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  1. saturdayonwednesday
    June 6, 2016 / 10:11 pm

    I was really exprcting to love this as fruity scents are right up my valley. Unfortunately I really can’t stand it 🙁 hopefully I’ll like the next one haha it’s curious how they include perfume as it’s such a reliable thing on personal taste! X

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