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If it wasn’t for July’s Look Incredible box, I probably wouldn’t have ever picked up one of the Ciate Corrupted Neons sets. I’ve seen them many, many times in my local CCO type store and always walked past them thanks to the rocky relationship I’ve had with Ciate.

The Corrupted Neons collection comes in a multitude of different colours, paired with a neon colour, matching glitter and a miniature of their blacklight UV topcoat, making your nails fully rave ready. The topcoat I should add could be added over any neon polish you might already own and should create the same effect.

Despite the fact I haven’t been a big fan of Ciate in the past (reviews here of any I’ve reviewed). When I tried I got this in my box, got it home I was excited to try it out, after having a serious case of the CBA to paint my nails for a week it was on my nails the same day it arrived.

I received the neon pink colour way (there’s blues, oranges and I think yellow and green too) and whilst this came with a price of £9.99 on, I immediately found them online with a rather pleasing price tag of £3.99 – so available rather cheaply. Sadly that’s were the good news ended for me.


The base neon polish was so thin and watery, it applied so streakily and even after three coats (where I then gave up), it still looked like it needed touching up in places. The pictures here are from the second time I wore it where I had 5 coats of polish on – 5 COATS. The polish itself seemed to dry quite quickly which made getting the glitter applied a struggle before it managed to otherwise it just wouldn’t stick. The glitter came in a nail polish bottle, sans brush – which meant a very awkward heavy handed shake out application. If it had come in a puffer type nozzle I think it would have made it a whole lot easier… or at the very least a funnel to easily get the excess product back in easily. The UV top coat again dried quite quickly.


Overall I don’t like the effect that the glitter adds to the polish. It adds a textured effect without looking like a glitter at all, it’s more like those textured concrete polishes which were all the rage a few years ago which I personally always hated. Without the polish and topcoat together have a nice shiny effect, but I did find two coats of topcoat was needed, with only one it looked a little lacklustre.



On closer inspection the next day, I noticed that there were already a few teeny chips appearing and that the polish was seemingly bubbling away from the base coat I applied, something I’ve never seen before, meaning when it properly started to chip, it chipped a lot and quickly.

Overall, it’s yet another Ciate polish I’m left unimpressed by, yet it’s cheaper sister brand to Lottie which I frigging love and out performs them ten fold in my opinion!


Overall, yet another adventure with Ciate which has ended up leaving me unimpressed! Have you tried ciate? What are your thoughts on the line?


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  1. September 19, 2016 / 7:39 am

    I love the neon shades, more suitable for summer though!x

    • September 19, 2016 / 7:48 am

      I did take these pictures at the end of July start of august but have been that organized it’s only just going up! Nice colour just shame about the performance

  2. September 20, 2016 / 2:15 am

    Too bad these didn’t work for you. Although if you hadn’t said, this doesn’t look like you struggled with the application. I hate those textured glitter polishes too!

  3. September 20, 2016 / 11:47 am

    Such a lovely bright pink but shame about their wear. The glitter doesn’t look like it adds too much and it seems to look better without haha x

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