Canadian Makeup Swap with Five Zero

If you love nail polish there will be no way you’re not already following Chris from Five Zero’s blog and even if that’s not the case you should be following her regardless. When she won my giveaway I ran into an unknown issue at royal mail, did you know you can’t ship nail polish abroad anymore? I thought there was a cap on 3 per parcel, but didn’t know it was the case not to be able to do it at all. 

I lied and risked planes catching on fire (yep that’s the reason) with Stashy’s prize by strategically hiding her one polish in her big giveaway prize, but was a little scared with Chris’ that they’d see through the scanners with fewer items inside. We got to talking and decided to do a swap at the same time while I picked up a replacement item for the polish, but I actually decided to sneak it in too. We had a budget of £33/$40 CAD for the swap – and I was really happy whilst shopping to find Boots and Superdrug both had 3 for 2s on all Makeup… more bang for my buck, we tried to stick to brands that we couldn’t get in our countries, I found it surprisingly hard to narrow it down – and due to 3 for 2s lots of popular shades were sold out!

Onto my loot!


The first thing I was happy to see was a back up of the Quo Blending Sponge that I won from Stash Matters – I think I’ve found a dead on dupe for this hear (colour, size, texture all seem identical) but I muddled them up within 2 days of receiving. Chris had seen I’d liked this in my Brush Collection, so a back up is welcome so I can re-compare one against the other this time!


The next thing I noticed was something flashing… I was looking at the box totally puzzled when I pulled out this lovely little Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer and a pocket bac holder, shaped like a cute tiger. His face flashes and his belly is furry, need I say more about why I’m really excited to have this in my life! The hand sanitizer inside is .Cherry Blossom and smells lovely! Starting an official UK Bath and Body Works petition, we need it.

quo-eyeshadow-palette candian-uk-makeup-swap-quo-eyeshadow-palette

The next thing I pulled out was this glorious looking palette, I mean look at that packaging gorgeous! Again from the brand Quo, which I believe is sold exclusively at Shoppers Mart (our equivalent to Boots or Superdrug), I’m not sure if it’s own brand like Seventeen, No 7 or Natural Collection – or whether it’s just exclusive! This palette is called the Prismatic Eye Palette and contains 10 shades mostly neutrals with a pinky, purple hue and a few deeper plum shades. This is pretty, totally up my street and one I would have found hard to resist had I of walked past it myself. I haven’t swatched these as I’m writing yet and I haven’t found many online swatches but I’m excited to dip my fingers into this!


Next up a single eyeshadow which matches the palette tones perfectly, from Joe Fresh this gorgeous metallic purple is not something I would normally think to go for whilst I know it is a colour that would suit my skin tone. Paired with that palette I’d imagine they’d be perfect.


Next my eye drew to something that I was really excited to see, a Katy Perry Covergirl lipstick. Literally 2 days before this arrived I was eyeing these up online thinking these are never going to make it to the Max Factor collection and started thinking how I’d get my hands on one, and the exact shade that I was most interested in was this one, Kitty Purry. A gorgeous wearable mid lilac rose. Seriously swooning over this.


Next up was the lipstick Hot Brit from the Vasanti range – a gorgeous bright raspberry that leans on the pink rather than the red side. Vasanti isn’t a brand that I’d heard of, it looks really pigmented but the swatches of this come across really balmy and glossy. Excited to try this out on my lips!


It’s like Chris knew that I couldn’t find Wet n Wild whilst in New York – for years I’ve seen these 4/8 palettes featured all over peoples blogs and youtube channels and I had wanted to pick one up. I like that with this palette (called Comfort Zone), is neutral with a pop of colour. There’s two defined sides but equally you could easily mix these up together two. That bottom right colour really reminds me of the Makeup Geek shade I just picked up… I’ll have to see if they compare side by side.


I’ve already become familiar with the brand Annabelle from my Stash Matters prize, and I’m happy to welcome their Fruitsies Strawberry Lip Balm into my collection. Looking these up online these are high pigmented Balms – and scent of this lives up to the name. A lovely strawberry scent!


I’ve not seen anything about the Covergirl Oh Sugar Balm’s yet this one is in the shade Spice, but that doesn’t mean. A quick google of these suggest that these are relatively new to the covergirl line up and so far haven’t been converted into Max Factor form! These seem similar in texture to the Annabelle but with one in pencil form and one in lipstick.


The last lip item was a lipstick from Cargo, Cargo is a brand that I’ve seen crop up a few times in places like TK Maxx, but it’s not a brand that you can walk into and expect to find a whole host of goodies from. This is a gorgeous red lipstick in the shade, from a limited edition ‘Gel Lip‘ range.


I was happy to see this Tony Moly Mask nestled in the bottom. I’ve been hearing a lot about Tony Moly recently and I believe in the UK we can get a very small selection online only, and I think masks are one of them. So I’ll be interested to see if this Brightening Lemon Mask will make me intrigued to place an online order for some more items in the line. A face mask Friday post is overdue so I’ll be putting this to the test as soon as possible!


Erm, this sounds delicious, I haven’t dared open this yet as who knows, I might be eating Canadian Maple Syrup Lip Balm sneakily from my handbag yet.


Another treat from Vasanti was their Brighten Up! Exfoliator – I’ve just ran out of exfoliator so this is perfect timing. I believe this a deluxe size sample as Chris popped this in the bag of samples – but none the less I’m happy to have this to try out.


Chris also included a bag of samples from Brands such as Lise Watier (who I’ve been hearing lots about thanks to Chris & Stashy), Missa (Korean Brand) and Tony Moly. Not to mention a few pieces of candy with Coffee Crisps (similar to Blue Ribands – yum!) and Rockettes (Like Parma Violets).


I feel utterly spoilt, hopefully you enjoyed seeing the bits that Chris picked out for me – and make sure you head over to her blog to subscribe if you aren’t already and you can also take a look at what I bought for her too!

This was my first ever swap and I loved picking out items for Chris, if you’re interested in doing one with me in the future let me know, I might have to give it a few months though… I have plenty to be testing right now!


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  1. Kathyj
    June 13, 2016 / 8:03 am

    The sanitiser is so darn cute!
    Kathy x

  2. June 13, 2016 / 8:51 am

    Love it. You got some amazing stuff x

  3. June 13, 2016 / 1:10 pm

    Hey Rachael! Oh gosh, that silly Pocket Bac tiger was flashing when I packed it, so I thought I turned it off! Might have turned back on in transit…I did pack the box a bit snugly.

    I posted my end over here ( Hope you love everything and thanks so much for both the prize and the swap! Loving the loot you sent me. 😀

    I didn’t realize this was your first ever swap – here’s to many more. International swaps are the best!

    • June 13, 2016 / 1:18 pm

      Yep first swap, and it was a good one, you’ve set the bar so high for future ones haha!
      It might have been me grabbing items out of excitement and knocking it! I love it though – when I pull it out my handbag people keep giving me a “are you crazy” look!
      Just about to take a look at yours now, glad to hear you’re liking the look of everything so far 😀

      • June 13, 2016 / 3:01 pm

        LOL! I haven’t gotten myself one of the PocketBac holders, yet. Guess I should go for as goofy as possible 🙂

        This was such a fun swap! Thanks again and I hope you get to swap more in the future.

        BTW Vasanti is a local Canadian brand – their pigmentation is great as they market themselves to a wide range of skintones. Been using their lipstick for years! And yes, Quo is Shoppers Drug Mart’s in-house brand.

  4. June 13, 2016 / 6:23 pm

    Yeah, anything flammable is banned for us – so no nail polishes, perfumes, hair sprays. I’m too chicken to lie to the authorities! 😛
    Haha, so awesome you got another Quo sponge! But I’m glad you also found a local source for the dupe! 🙂
    Quo products are really nice quality – their eye shadows are top notch!
    I can totally picture you wearing that CoverGirl Katy Perry lipstick shade! Great pick from fivezero for you!
    WnW Comfort Zone is an amazing palette – honestly, it rivals higher end ones for me in terms of quality and wearability!
    Ooh that Vasanti exfoliators is one of my favourites! I like to apply it on my face like a mask first (onto slightly damp face) for 5 mins, then I scrub lightly, and then rinse off. Makes my skin baby bottom smooth!
    Awesome swap!!! Makes me want to swap again – it’s always a fun time! 🙂

  5. June 13, 2016 / 11:33 pm

    What a fun idea! 🙂 She sent you some great stuff; particularly the coffee crisps! 🙂

    Loving that Quo palette too, that looks gorgeous!

  6. June 13, 2016 / 11:43 pm

    I love reading blog swap posts, they are so much fun! Everything you received is adorable and I can’t wait to see swatches of those eyeshadows and lip products 🙂 What you sent to Chris looks amazing and is so generous of you! x

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